04 Aug 2017 10:15:05
The Ed's have said, quite rightly, that Liverpool will not make a move for VVD until Southampton make it clear they are willing to listen to offers. Surely with the comments from the manager now this is Southampton all but saying 'time to make your offer' or are we still waiting for something else to be said, Ed?

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool formerly withdrew all interest in the player as part of their humiliating public apology over their illegal approach and tapping up of the player. I am not aware that the ownership has gone back on that position as of this time and certainly they have not spoken with Southampton. As I have explained (over and over) Southampton don't want to sell the player but they now have damaged goods on their hands and may have to shift that position. Interest remains from elsewhere and Southampton are aware of that. As you say, if Liverpool wish to withdraw their apology and make an offer for van Dijk, they can do so.}

1.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 10:32:38
The way that has been explained I really can't see that we can or will go back in for him. We can't go against what our owners have said.

{Ed002's Note - It would require the OK of the owners to do that.}

2.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 10:33:43
Hi Ed002. Thanks for the input on this. Do you think Saints can win VVD back round? If not, Liverpool withdrawing their apology and paying Saints what he is worth, surely is the only correct thing to do? Liverpool need to save face, not ruin someone's career and I would think paying the amount Saints would then accept for him (rather than want, as I appreciate they didn't and don't really want to sell) is then our best way of apologising to them for acting like such idiots in the way they went about all this?

{Ed002's Note - I have explained before that I think his position is completely untenable and that they will likely have little option other than let him go. Sadly Klopp cares not about people's careers otherwise he would not be as unprofessional as he is. Liverpool has already apologised and in the same statement withdrawn all interest in the player. If they were to withdraw that statement (and apology) they would certainly lose a lot more in the eyes of other clubs and the public but they could then make an offer for the player.}

3.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 11:05:10
This ' tapping up' thing must have been going on for years.
I remember in 2010 when Everton were fined £45,000 and warned about their future conduct, for 'tapping up' a young player called Jamaal Lascelles. David Moyes was manager at the time!

{Ed002's Note - Yes they did. A feeble attempt to deflect and not even close to the bahvior of Liverpool and Klopp. Thanks for further embarrassing the Liverpool fans.}

4.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 11:11:13
players career ed? what does that mean he will get a pay rise and move to a bigger club be that club liverpool or chelsea. he will be playing in CL also. liverpool have went the wrong way about it but VVD will come out of this in a better poistion than he is already in. hos reputation will take a hit but many players have done similar and went on to have great careers.

{Ed002's Note - You think it is OK to disrupt a professional footballer contracted to another club to such an extent that he ends up training alone and demanding a move to a club that illegally met and continued to stay in touch with the player? Everything that has been done by Klopp and Liverpool this summer is totally unprofessional and in a number of cases illegal. This has been explained repeatedly.}

5.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 11:16:51
I'm going to have to disagree Ed as I see it if Liverpool pay the required fee then they won't lose face money talks in football and other clubs will see Liverpool are willing to stump up the maximum fee required all will be forgotten about in the end! Not that I condone our actions its just this saga has gone on far to long and it would suit both clubs if a deal can be thrashed and saints receiving the highest possible fee 👍 just my opinion.

{Ed002's Note - Really, withdrawing an apology after illegally tapping up a player to the point of where he is damaged goods and then taking advantage of the situation will not be losing face?}

6.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 11:24:33
We messed this one up and should just forget about it. However, I do feel most people are desperate for VVD specifically to sign now more than ever, because we can't have him.

However, it is clear, even in pre-season games we still have a need for a CB, our LB is sorted and RB has competition. I like Matip and I like Lovren as a backup and we have Gomes to hopefully get games as a CB, LB or RB backup to grow into the CB spot in a couple of years - I just hope there are some other options out there that will come available in the next one to two weeks that are a clear improvement (no taking chances, someone who is proven) on what we have. Someone very confident, commanding and good in the air.

Eds and fellow Reds, any rumours or goings on/ interest in any other CB's?

7.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 11:49:43
Are Chelsea interested again ed? I think you said they were, then withdrew interest when saints said he is not for sale?
Or has Rudiger changed that?

{Ed002's Note - It is nothing to do with Rudiger. If van Dijk is to be sold Chelsea will be interested - as will others potentially.}

8.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:03:01
He would have wanted to go anyway Ed surely, with or without JK's interference? His performances throughout the season had caught the attention of the media and they've been talking him up of a big summer move. Surely that would have turned his head beforehand.

{Ed002's Note - So is it acceptable for Liverpool to deliberately unsettle him (and the other players that Klopp had as targets), fly him to a meeting with Klopp without any permission of his club with the express intention of tapping him up and then continuing with the illegal contact untill he is training alone and the club have a professional contracted to them refusing to play for the club? Or could they have simply contacted his agent to make a general enquiry and then approached Southampton to ask about his availability - as other clubs have done? That might have avoided another complaint being made to the Premier League about Liverpool illegally approaching players. It might have saved the owners from embarrassing themselves and the club by having to make a groveling and humiliating apology where they withdrew all interest in the player - and it might have resulted in a transfer being negotiated and done by now.}

9.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:07:19
Sorry to sound stupid lads but if you have to approach the club first how do you know the player your bidding on even wants to play for you?

{Ed002's Note - You can ask his agent if he would be open to a move. Like other clubs do.}

10.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:16:23
Thanks ed.

11.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:28:25
Yes, meeting with players without the permission of the club is illegal. No, just because other clubs do it all the time does not make it right but asking his agent if he would be open to a move and therefore expressing your interest in buying him is surely potentially turning his head anyway and therefore tapping up.

{Ed002's Note - Other clubs don't "do it all the time" and clubs would alsways ask an agent about interest. It is hardly the same as the completely unprofessional behavior of Klopp and Liverpool. This is simply embarrassing.}

12.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:25:45
Ed I for one agree with everything you have said mate regatding this situation and Klopp has made big errors. Just to pick up on what you said thoigh regarding VVD himself, "demanding a move to a club that tapped him up" . Is the player still holding out for us to come in?

13.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:55:15
Ed002 - what's happening between Southampton and FC Porto around Iker Casillas do you know? Also, did Fonte (Southapnton captain) contact Oxlade-Chamberlein last year? This question is not to try and trip anyone up or deflect, but just make sure that when talking about clubs behaviours we don't have an eye-patch on?

{Ed002's Note - You don't get it. Players will talk to players all of the time. There is no point me yet again explaining that Liverpool are simply in the gutter as far as professionalism is concerned - and a large number of fans think it is just great. Finding a way to cheat the system, mucking up the lives of others, - yep, just great.}

14.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:55:21
Ed I have no problem with you 'telling it as it is' or 'as you see it' but why do you insist on adding the word 'humiliating' to public apology bit. Surely you are just goading the Liverpool fans who frequent your website into a reaction? Then when we react you ban us or delete our accounts. It was a public apolog, not necessarily humiliating. If you are going to tell it like it is then do so but don't add you own opinion as fact. Otherwise, good work keep it up 👍.

{Ed002's Note - Sorry, you doin't think it humiliating that yet again the owners and the board have had to apologise for the bahaviour of the club and manager in an attempt to avoid charges for their illegal behavior?}

15.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:56:32
I've been a lurker here for ages and I just want to say something about the whole VVD thing.

I love in soton I know both the club's photographer and one of the club's doctors hell my ex wife's aunt did their sight tests.

The chat is that Klopp and VVD met previously at some or other engagement they exchanged numbers and VVD contacted him to arrange a meeting. VVD went up there on his own accord and was uncontactable for 2 days and missed a training camp because of this. When he came back be had a falling out with the management and the rest is history.

He doesn't want to stay, Southampton don't want to sell but may well have to because of the effect this is having within the club.

Both Klopp and VVD were in the wrong and if a move was wanted by either side they would have needed to go about it the right way no matter what.

16.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:59:11
Im not sure why VVD is being painted as such a victim in all this. Liverpool have ballsed up royally but im sure van Dijk didn't slam the phone down on Jurgen and tell him to speak through the official channels at Southampton. Im sure he wasnt kidnapped and put on the plane to meet klopp. Seems to me the only victims in the whole scenario are Southampton.
Liverpool may have intiated illegal communications but (Ive been dying to say this for months) but I don't think Virgil van Dijk is a saint. He may not have violated the rules in the same way that LFC transparently have but he iis partly to blame for the situation he now finds himself in.

17.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 13:25:30
Ed002 has klopp been guilty of any of this type of action whilst he was at Dortmund?

be interesting to know if he managed to acquire any of the players there in a similar manner or whether its just a desperate move to make his time at Liverpool more successful by landing expensive players.

I can't image Dortmund had as much pulling power as Liverpool have (this season anyway) .

{Ed002's Note - This has all been covered before.}

18.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 13:25:32
Yes I agree that it is unacceptable to behave the way Klopp has. What I actually said though is that his head would of been turned before all this from what I stated in my previous comment. I'm not condoning his behaviour but purely stating that VVD would of been on his way out of the club anyway due to his performances and media bigging him up.

19.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:25:45
Ed I for one agree with everything you have said mate regatding this situation and Klopp has made big errors. Just to pick up on what you said thoigh regarding VVD himself, "demanding a move to a club that tapped him up" . Is the player still holding out for us to come in?

{Ed001's Note - we are his preference yes.}

20.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 13:42:47
I think the club need to contact Southampton without retracting the apology. They need to say they are incredibly sorry for the behaviour of the club leading up to this whole debacle. They need to confirm that they are no longer in contact with VVD or his agent.

They then need to ask whether Southampton are interested in dealing with us at all with regards to VVD. If they say no then we say thank you and walk away and forget it ever happened.

If they say they would consider it we ask them to name their price and we pay it.

We have royally messed up VVD and Southampton and we need to do our best to make that right. If making that right means us backing away and not getting involved then so be it. If making that right means over paying for the player then so be it.

We can't continue to act like we have been and clubs need to see that we will stick to our word (and the rules) in the future.

21.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 13:46:52
Nicely said ings n things. Ed2 has a lot of valid points and yes what Liverpool did is not right, but his/ her's constant use of opinion based adjectives like "embarrasing" and "humiliating" is not necessary over and over again. I just wish he/ she would stick to stating the facts and only give his/ her opinion when asked.

{Ed002's Note - So you don't see that the owners and the board would be embarrassed by having to yet again issue a public apology for the behavior of the club in respect of illegal approaches to professions contracted to other clubs? How about when the club was charged and found guilty of an illegal approach to a 12 year old, really screwing up his career, got caught telling lies to the investigation, got caught asking the boys parents to lie? Do you think they felt embarrassed by that? Obviously you, like many of your other Liverpool fans, don't. I find that in itself very embarrassing.}

22.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 13:54:39
Surely it will take a TR from the player now, only way this happens that I can see. Can the club reject a TR?

{Ed002's Note - Of course they can.}

23.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 14:11:10
Ed002. I just want to know who within the club sanctioned these flights for VDV and meetings? Surely, if as you say other clubs view us badly, the owners need to put in an action plan? An internal enquiry needs to happen into why this is allowed to happen within the club and how to change our image to other clubs. If Klopp is a culprit, (although I am a big fan of his) he needs to be cautioned by the club and prevented from acting this way again.

I see you criticising the club a lot but haven't offered any solutions? What can be done? I think this is a much bigger issue which could likely affect our transfer dealings for the next few years if clubs don't want to deal with us.

I understand Michael Edwards has been put in place, but he is not a solution to the wider problem. We need to start acting professionally otherwise that is what is going to keep us falling behind in coming years, not a lack of money.

{Ed002's Note - I am not going to get in to details like that but when asked Quite a while back I suggested a six point plan that gave proposed solutions to resolve a number of issues, but certainly the club must now look to end any illegal activity conducted by club representatives or the manager. By all means talk with agents but get out of this situation that has already resulted in one ban.}

24.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 14:37:45
ed002 want Southampton going to report Chelsea to. earlier on in the window about tapping VVD up. if so will this not deter them from making a bid to?

{Ed002's Note - No, Chelsea (and Arsenal) asked Southampton about his availability and were told he was not for sale. However, they would be interested if he came up for sale.}}

25.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 14:38:03
And you should tell the truth Ed that's hopefully what you're here for. I just think that sometimes your choice of words is designed to get a negative reaction from us Liverpool fans who of course love our club and don't like it to be bad mouthed to all and sundry. I personally don't think it was humiliating. I don't. It was an apology, nothing more nothing less. It happens in business all the time I don't really think it needs to be overhyped with negative adjectives such as humiliating or disgusting. Just call it what it is.

{Ed002's Note - I am certain that the owners felt humiliated again over this. You seem to be hung up on this - it doesn't distract at all.}

26.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 14:42:44
Do you believe the owners have been naïve due to a lack of understanding of the game? If this is the case, surely they should consider bringing in a consultant of some sort to oversee dealings?

{Ed002's Note - The owners to dot deal with the day-to-day running of the club. They have however been naive in some of the appointments.}

27.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 14:46:12
I really don't see how anyone can say Liverpool has ruined his career. Right now he has thrown his toys out of the pram. We had a player that tried to eat two people, some say the second time was maybe a way to get us to sell him, I don't buy that I just think he was a bit peckish. Surely his behaviour was far worse than vvd or klopps. Now I'm ptretty sure Suarez career hasn't taken a tumble because of that. Also look at high profile drug test failings or convienantly missing drug tests in the past. Look at flying kicks into the crowd . No careers get ruined if you're good enough. Players do what they want now. So do clubs. Football is a vulgar business now full of vulgar people. What we did isn't really that bad in my opinion. The clubs we are trying to compete against maybe don't have to be so sneaky for obvious reasons. I for one hope we do go for vvd, sod the apology. Why let him go to a competitor for the sake of saving a bit of face? It's madness.

28.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:45:04
I would rather Liverpool act professionally and conduct our business in a fair and transparent way. In the long run you will win more business by working in the appropriate way and with respect than looking for short term gains.

29.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:50:46
I'm not defending Klopp or LFC at all. What I'm saying is that talking to an agent - which you've said is what the approach should be and what other clubs do - and expressing interest is going to turn the player's head. And that is legal.

{Ed002's Note - It is business as usual, happens every day of the year and does not turn heads.}

30.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 15:16:41
The club apologised for the initial contact on this potential transfer, Southampton accepted it, were happy with it and said they considered the matter closed. So we have every right to attempt a new, legal approach which is completely separated from the first approach, which clearly was against rules set in place. If we want the player, call Southampton and ask if they are willing to sell, then either agree a fee or leave them alone if they don't wish to sell. Southampton have said they consider the matter closed from June so we should too. It's August now. Chelsea tapped up Cole lest we forget, but it didn't stop him or any other players moving between the clubs since i. e. Cech.

{Ed002's Note - Southampton has an open complaint vested with the Premier League and have not by any means "closed" the matter. 12 or 13 years ago Jonathan Barnett arranged for Cole to meet with Chelsea - they should have walked away from the meeting but didn't. It is far from the same but it is also 12 years ago.}

31.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 15:25:58
bacelona tapped up mascherano 6 or 7 years back. mascherano wanted to go to barcelona. we refused to sell. mascherano refused to play and we had to sell. did bacelona or their supporters feel embarraced. don't thunk so.

{Ed002's Note - Yes, it is clearly everyone else's fault.}

32.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 15:26:38
I think that we all know that Klopp and LFC have really messed up this transfer with VVD, had we gone about it the right way, he could be our player right Now, its only right that we talk to Southampton, and pay whatever price they want, and put an end to this, and we can all move on .

33.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 12:50:46
I'm not defending Klopp or LFC at all. What I'm saying is that talking to an agent - which you've said is what the approach should be and what other clubs do - and expressing interest is going to turn the player's head. And that is legal.

{Ed002's Note - It is business as usual and it won't turn heads. It happens every day of the year.}

34.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 15:03:26

35.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 15:55:51
I hate to say it but liverpool have behaved appallingly over vvd. Listen to what ed is saying. our actionsns have been close to criminal. Whenever I see pics of vvd training alone and making demands against his contract I think. "We are behind this mess" and I wonder if someone at lfc is still whispering in his ear. Chelsea have such a wealth of players to pick from it is possible (unlikely) that he could join and find himself out of favour as so many top players have at Chelsea. I would love to see him at Liverpool, Southampton happily spending 60 mil and the whole thing forgotten about. Is that going to happen? Getting a bit late in the day eh. Just heard about our cl opponents! Hard life of a football fan, cannot be good for my blood pressure.

36.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 15:50:28
I'm sorry but the majority of people would not see this as embarrassing or humiliating because we don't live in your football world. I am sure the majority of football fans of any teams has completely forgotten it had happened. At the end of the day its a bunch of ridiculously paid people squabbling, with rules put in place that i have seen a ridiculous amount of stories about how clubs break rules, peoples problem is how you say Liverpool fans are trying to justify Liverpools actions yet you completely glaze over any misdoings of every other club when suggested to you. Do you give other teams this much stick when they make a mistake, cause it doesn't seem like it.

{Ed002's Note - It is not a mistake - it was a series of deliberate acts. And yes, if it were the same at clubs I would make the point just as clearly. The difference is that the fans of other clubs don't keep asking the same thing over and over again - which means I have to keep explaining over and over.}

37.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 15:54:30
Ed002's rhetoric on this issue is starting to grate a little TBH. Yes Liverpool have - seemingly - acted foolishly but two words spring to mind - Ashley Cole. Weren't 002's beloved Chelsea fined for their part in that along with their manager at the time?

I'm not defending our approach here, however it does happen as we all know - I wonder if Ed002 was as vociferous over the Cole case? If yes, fair play to him/ her, if not then can we just lighten the tone in regard to LFC/ Klopp.

{Ed002's Note - Yes of course, 12 years ago or so Chelsea were indeed fined - the culprit was actually Jonathan Barnett but Chelsea could have walked away from the meeting - but didn't. And they are hardly my "beloved". At the time of the Cole case I wrote a very lengthy piece about tapping up in football but as far as I know this web site didn't exist and I was still living in Monaco at that point.

If it is grating perhaps people should stop brining it up?}

38.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 15:51:31
Never said it was the same mate and Chelsea never apologised either if memory serves which is fine by me as I'm not here to attack anyone or club. Why should they?! Most clubs are at this and we'd be all very naive to think otherwise. Southampton are sick of LFC taking their best players, that is very clear to anyone with half a brain, so reporting us is sour grapes. I understand where they'd be coming from to an extent, Barcelona are doing it to us but it'll keep happening over and over again as the rules are there to be broken to get one up on the other. It's no big deal, the wheel always turns and the game continues. Nobody was killed in the making of any of these tapping up affairs, so don't stress too much folks.

{Ed002's Note - I don't recall if they did or not but the issue became clear at the hearing. This isn't about Chelsea, Barcelona or Southampton (who complained because of the sustained illegal approaach to one of their player by Klopp and Liverpool and not because of "sour grapes") - it is about Liverpool.

And Barcelona did not approach Coutinho - he and his agent approached their players and their management.

You are right, nobody was killed. But the career of a 12 year old was screwed up, and his parents put in to a great deal of debt - but hey, he is only a kid so screw him.}

39.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 16:07:03
Your attempt to alienate us towards Klopp and FSG has failed. Nice try.


{Ed002's Note - What sort of half-wit are you?}

40.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 16:13:03
League kicks off in a week lads. Just get over this whole VVD situation whatever it may be and get excited for some real competitive football. The world will know who we are come next Saturday afternoon regardless of whether VVD arrives or not!

41.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 16:13:39
Deffo agreed on the final point Ed, sick to the back teeth of the VVD and NK chatter now.

42.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 16:18:15
It is kind of humiliating. I love liverpool, let me get that straight. I am convinced that had we played this transfer right and legally then virgil would be a liverpool player already. Would have integrated into the squad like salah. Perhaps us fans won't realise the humiliation until October when our current cbs have put in a couple of poor showings and we have no one to turn to except klavan. Personally, on pre season form I don't think we need him. Our boys have been pretty good. Love vorinin's line "VVD is not a saint"! Genius let's hope he doesn't get too blue either!

43.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 16:29:27
Hi EDs, as we know Chelsea are also interested in VVD. Do you think that due to what has happened between Liv and Southampton, they would actually prefer to do business with Chelsea and not Liv?

I'm sure eventually VVD will need to choose but if he was desperate to leave and Southampton would rather sell to Chelsea, then it could work in their favour, right?

{Ed002's Note - Their preference is not to sell the player but they know they have a player whose position at the club is now untenable. They know of interest from elsewhere (including Chelsea) and right now they may be open to a deal with one of the other clubs. As far as Southampton are concerned Liverpool has ended all interest in the player.}

44.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 16:41:18
You have a club, liverpool. Hopefully returning to the big European stage. There is a cb who wants to join us. From a club who seem to have no problem doing business with us. We can't get the deal done because we have broken the rules. It is a little embarrassing. In the football world especially. The general public might hear one or two comments on motd and it'll be forgotten about. Hopefully. If vvd gets his move to us then I worry about the game in general. I know it has happened many times before but I don't like seeing players holding their current teams to ransom and disregarding their contracts. There have to be rules in this world of crazy money. If the rules are broken, you pay the price. Otherwise where is our beautiful game headed? That is my head speaking, my heart would love to see him playing for us, of course.

45.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 16:46:41
I am-not sure why people aren't getting this, maybe it hasn't been mentioned enough! Because of the tapping up actions and previous misdemeanours we are at risk of serious penalties imposed as well as a lot of clubs refusing to deal with us. People need to take their short term views and look at the longer and bigger picture. I hope and pray we are looking to buy a decent alternative CB, and quick so I can stop seeing the same VVD posts!

46.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 15:14:45
I agree with ed2 re tapping up but why is klopp getting such a whack. We have been doing this for years (Fulham debacle anyone) my point being that personnel has changed but the tactics haven't or the leaks leading to our behaviour being so open would be my worry. We keep losing out because of the way we play the transfer market but why does our tact not change when staff is overhauled and where does the responsibility lie? If I were the owners that is what I would want answering but again this predates them too!

47.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 16:12:46
Ed 2 you're so blinded by your opinions. I never said it wasn't embarrassing. What I am saying is that whether you or I think it's embarrassing is irrelevant. Just stick to the facts and keep opinion out of it. that's all I'm saying.

{Ed002's Note - {The owners are desparately upset about the image issues and are embarasses about having to yet again issue a public apology for the behavior of the club in respect of illegal approaches to professionals contracted to other clubs. They are devestated about the 12 year old. They have upped the monitoring with the company in Hartford recruiting to look further at the profile and image considerations across a broad base of media and will act on the results.

Your posts are becoming more and more damp.}

48.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 16:47:41
You're very entitled to your opinion, I respect it, but I must disagree on the point that it's not sour grapes which is my opinion and I'm right :) I guarantee you 100% Southampton have like all clubs recently tapped players up or broken some rules to do with transfers. I have no opinion on the incident with the kid from Stoke as in all honesty I didn't read enough on it to form one, but if Liverpool broke rules, which they have now since been punished for, what more do you want?! Did Michael Woods get compensated for his tapping up and career ending ramifications? I'd doubt it, although he was older than 12 so that might not matter. Tapping up is a part of football as much as diving sadly - I hate both, but both are brushed under the carpet 99% of the time.

{Ed002's Note - There is more to come about the kid from Stoke with a pending court case and the Premier League waiting for one particular matter to be presented to the court.

You don't grasp the severity of any of this in regards Liverpool.}

49.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 17:03:01
All summer I've been convinced that vvd will sign for us. But as we get down to the wire I really don't think he will. I just can't see Southampton doing business with us anymore.

50.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 18:33:23
Guys. Stop bashing the eds. we are on this site because of their insight into the game and transfers (and rumours) . I too would be mighty cheesed off to have to keep repeating myself over LFC acting really badly. It's that simple, we acted in a way we morally shouldn't have done, let alone probably legally shouldn't have done.

Let's just keep our fingers crossed Adam isn't too badly injured and we add a few decent players and have a good season. If the Eds keep getting bashed, they aren't going to want to partake in the reason for them and us being here, to get info.

51.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 17:15:24
Good, if we are found guilty of something further, then we should accept it and move on/ put it to bed. I hope we also pay any fees involving the kid's parents too as this should go without saying. But just like all previous unearthed tapping up "scandals", people need to remember but move on. I had a relative play for a very prominent club in Scotland, he'd tell ya he was tapped up every window - I doubt he'd lie. Like I said the other day, Football is in a sad state with the money men running it for the last couple of decades more than ever.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool won't pay the fees and costs with the kid's parents and will not pay the money to Stoke to release the kid from his contract.

What you need to try and get your head around is the extent to which Liverpool has been doing this.}

52.) 04 Aug 2017
04 Aug 2017 21:35:11
I can't condone that first part you mentioned if true. I am very much aware of the extent ALL clubs go to to tap players up - it's a daily occurrence mate which is what I'm trying to tell you. Stoke and Southampton are perfectly within their right to report us if we did something illegal. But if all clubs reported "tapping up" incidents, there'd be far less transfers going on each season. This I can 100% guarantee you. There's a term for it within the game. I believe it's called a gentle tap or a soft tap. It's nothing new and happens at all levels of pro football.

{Ed002's Note - No, you simply don';t get it. Others do not go to the extent that Liverpool has done this. It is pointless you continuing to post about something you know so little about.}

53.) 05 Aug 2017
05 Aug 2017 09:07:22
Lads you love the club that's obvious but it's no good getting pissed off at Ed002 for saying a few home truths and stating his (her? ) opinion about it. The Ed has no affinity to our club and doesn't owe us any pandering or excuse making. We have clearly been doing things the wrong way- Fulham wouldn't do business with us, this issue with the Stoke lad and a public apology to Southampton. Do we really think all them clubs have sour grapes or can we take a step back for 2 mins and see if maybe it is our own clubs conduct.

As you say tapping up happens but how many other clubs have gone through those issues I've just mentioned in the same period. We're all grown men and should be able to take on the chin if the club has been a very naughty boy.