1.) 24 Dec 2016
24 Dec 2016 14:08:53
Excellent player. But not exactly who we need. He is almost like lallana.
We need a more powerhouse in midfield someone like a Tiemoué Bakayoko / Naby Keita / franck kessie. Someone who can really get stuck in the opposition but obviously play footy as well.

2.) 24 Dec 2016
24 Dec 2016 14:36:22
Thank you Ed002, Merry Christmas!

{Ed002's Note - Enjoy the holidays.}

3.) 25 Dec 2016
25 Dec 2016 14:17:11
I hope we break the bank and buy someone of Mane's quality. Not just to replace Mane for when he's away but to cover any future injuries and to be able to come off the bench to change a game. More squad depth is needed to mount a serious title challenge.

4.) 25 Dec 2016
25 Dec 2016 17:07:04
Lucas moura do look like has the pace of mane.

5.) 26 Dec 2016
26 Dec 2016 02:52:00
Break the bank for a substitute?

{Ed001's Note - there is no point mate, some people just do not get it.}

6.) 26 Dec 2016
26 Dec 2016 05:24:10
no no swish, the problem is most in this forum do not get it, including some Eds, there are a few forwards we need to possibly replace - sturridge, Ings, markovic who will all likely be sold sooner or later, so it makes sense to get replacement if they available.

{Ed001's Note - no, it is you who does not get it. You do NOT ever break the bank for a player to sit on the bench. The reason the best managers have been the best managers, is because they spend the big money on first choice players, not subs.}

7.) 26 Dec 2016
26 Dec 2016 06:08:03
Well I would rather have Coutinho Firmino and Neymar as our front 3 with Mane Origi and Sturridge competing and covering for injuries and being rotated, especially when we are in the champions League. We can't compete on all fronts with just 11 good players and the rest of not first team quality.

Right now we need a good backup in every position who can challenge, so we need someone better than Mane in my opinion, let mane compete for his place instead of being complacent.

With a few injuries we could be forced into playing kids who aren't ready and burning them out. Yes they need to develop, but we still need to win every game.

If coutinho has a setback and sturridge gets injured again we have firmino and Origi and they need rests.

YES WE SHOULD BREAK THE BANK TO BUY ANOTHER FIRST TEAM QUALITY PLAYER. He won't be sitting on the bench all game everygame. He should have to fight for his place.

Players have good and bad form too and with champions league we will have to rotate. We win with a squad not just 11 players!

{Ed025's Note - bloody hell KT i cant believe you see mane as a squad player, for me he is liverpools best player and although couts and firmino are more skillful he is the one that makes this team tick, his energy and commitment are the hallmark of the klopp philosophy and no one epitomizes that more than mane mate..

8.) 26 Dec 2016
26 Dec 2016 06:13:29
If we get Neymar or someone better than Mane then it would be mane on the bench when he comes back and I'd rather have 6 quality forwards than Coutinho, Firmino, Mane
Sturridge, Origi, and then some kids. We need 6 quality attackers. So we can rotate them all and still be really strong.

{Ed025's Note - lay off the drugs mate.. :)

9.) 26 Dec 2016
26 Dec 2016 09:12:37
So Kloppthat. Our philosophy should be. Buy buy buy and justify cancel our youth set up?

{Ed001's Note - has to be a WUM surely?}

10.) 26 Dec 2016
26 Dec 2016 10:05:32
We getting neymar? Late Christmas pressie or early april fools joke? Anywho. I'm just happy we have Klopp. I'm alright watchinbg the squad develop over time. Klopp is building an awesome machine!

11.) 26 Dec 2016
26 Dec 2016 13:58:26
Lol just remember these are the same people who was slagging off Rodgers for not playing Jay Spearing and Adam Morgan and replacing them with Joe Allen who is actually prem quality but still not good enough for Liverpool. im sorry to say but Liverpool don't produce many good academy players even the bitters have a better system so until we improve it we need to buy players. we waste money either way on crap youth TEAMS so buying a few high end players that could actually make the difference seems the more logical option for the time being. but apparently we are the idiots who don't get it. i can't think of one youth player who left us that we have regretted. EVER!

{Ed001's Note - what on earth? Your posts are just descending into gibberish. No one slagged off Rodgers for not playing those two, you clearly live in a dream world where you just make things up in your head to suit your latest dribble you are spouting on the pages.}

12.) 27 Dec 2016
27 Dec 2016 02:25:07
No its just the fact that any time fans want to discuss transfers to add to the squad its shut down with the "what about the youth" or "its nonesense". I have been reading this site for years and you Ed01 are one of the main people who claim we should us youth players in reply to 99.9% of suggestions people have or even when they just ask for your opinion on a player and its getting boring to be honest. Yes I get that a lot of suggestions are unrealistic but admiring a player and wanting them to be in your team isn't a crime or mean your on drugs. We don't have a strong youth system or many good youth players so we do need back ups for injury and to create competition if we want to compete at the top end of the game. Some of the players you think are worthy of a start wouldn't get into teams at the lower end of the prem nevermind liverpool and that is my point. I won't hold my breath that this will be posted by the way I see you guys are selective on what gets through and can see discussion isn't welcome so i won't bother posting anymore.

{Ed001's Note - sorry but we do have a strong youth system and many good youth players, so why even make that ignorant statement? The problem has never been about a lack of youth players, it has always been about a lack of opportunities. Perhaps if you took the time to understand that, then you wouldn't start such stupid arguments.

As for discussion isn't welcome, why were your previous comments posted then? It is pathetic people like you, who get all precious when people disagree with them, that ruin discussions, when they run off crying because we don't agree with you. Just like you are doing now. Grow up and man up.}