22 Dec 2016 23:12:08
Hi guys. This apparent Zaha link is everywhere I look, and I've noticed some of the eds don't rate him, nor think we have any interest.
Although it does seem a strange rumour, I do rate him as a player, I think he has 3 goals and 6 assists in a struggling palace side. That's not bad at all.
Can he press and defend for the team? I think he can, he's a good prem winger with the potential to be a very good one.

1.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 00:26:47
We could do better. But there really is no need for him.

2.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 00:34:05
Ojo will be twice the player. No need to waste money on him.

3.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 00:44:48
He's good but not great - we should be keeping what we have and giving Ojo a real shot.

We already have 5 established forwards, Ojo and also have Wilson coming through too so the only reason we should even consider paying up for another forward is if someone like aubemeyang comes up that will actually improve the first team, but that would mean selling someone like Sturridge.

4.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 05:37:30
zaha? poor deluded pardew thought the guy was worth £60m and look at what has just happened to him, zaha is a player who does something half decent once every 30 games, ojo, Wilson and woodburn are far more deserving of a chance than he is, he had his chance at utd and blew it imo, stay well clear.

5.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 08:03:43
Not a big fan of Zaha but how is Woodburn a better player than Zaha. Lol for god sake Woodburn is a kid. Zags plays for the first team.

{Ed001's Note - seriously? That is no reflection of quality. Coutinho couldn't get in a very poor Inter team when Zaha was a first choice player, does that mean Zaha is a better player than him too? Judge players on their own merits, not on silly notions like that. I would choose Woodburn over Zaha every single time, because he offers more quality on and off the ball. He is not as quick and strong, but he is not a headless chicken fond of putting a ball in row Z like Zaha.}

6.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 08:31:35
No complaints there Ed01. Academy over any other player.

7.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 09:32:53
Zaha reminds me a bit of Djibbrl Cisse - he's got the speed and the ability just lacks a calm edge to his game.

8.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 11:24:23
The only player who reminds me of Cisse is Joey Barton.

9.) 28 Dec 2016
28 Dec 2016 01:21:36
Woodburn is already good enough for the first team.

He is also hopefully going to improve for the next 10 years when players are reportedly at there peak.

What a prospect, and I'm sure he's at the right club to let him develop.

Klopp said he'd leave him alone until Woodburns quality (not age) and form make it impossible to ignore him.

Sound judgement.