22 Dec 2016 19:25:07
Liverpool are monitoring a number of players amid January transfer window. The owners are ready to back the manger to mount a serious title challenge this season. Reports liverpool have made an offer for Thaiago Mia. Klopp is looking aloft a wide attacker as well.

1.) 22 Dec 2016
22 Dec 2016 20:50:02
It's been suggested to me that Liverpool and Arsenal are both interested in Yunus Malli. He is more of a midfielder though. Honestly not watched him at all though, highlights aside.

2.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 09:35:45
If the press link us to a Dortmund or Mainz player, the chances are its lazy journalism.

3.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 12:32:54
It wasn't the press Annie. In fact I have never seen it reported anywhere.

4.) 24 Dec 2016
24 Dec 2016 11:02:00
Google his name and 'Liverpool' and youll see it.