1.) 11 Jul 2016
11 Jul 2016 06:30:23
I'm not saying I disagree with you ed, but most LFC fans seem to rate Clyne pretty well, and the consensus is that he had a good season.

{Ed001's Note - then they need to go back and watch him play.}

2.) 11 Jul 2016
11 Jul 2016 07:19:25
Ed - you are very critical of Clyne.

In fact I agree with your assessment of Clyne of him being an average right back/ full back.

But he has never been short of trying or full commitment and is a big upgrade to Johnson at least in my honest opinion.

His is a similar to Lallana's case where they were very good at Southampton but really average with us.

Good thing though is we did not overpay like Lallana and in that case we can say he has been par for the course.

Don't know about our reserve strength, but from the players we have for that position in the first team, he is just there on top.

To Other posters,
Please don't count Emre Can as a right back option though German coach picked him as a defender in the German team for Euros.


{Ed001's Note - I would take Flanno over Clyne all day long and twice on matchdays.}

3.) 11 Jul 2016
11 Jul 2016 07:19:26
I think Clyne's flaws only stick out to the really knowledgeable like you, he is not like Moreno who's just a patently stupid player in the eyes of any half-educated football fan. Clyne's defensive misreadings are harder to notice for the general fan, hence why a lot of LFC supporters seem like him as a player.

{Ed001's Note - if it was just his defending, then it would not be half as bad. It makes things worse that he offers so little in the opponent's half either. It worries me that he has risen to such a high level in the game with so little actual ability. He is there because he is quick and strong, not because he can play.}

4.) 11 Jul 2016
11 Jul 2016 07:26:45
Yes Ed, mostly agree with you on Flanno being better than him.

But being out for such a long time and then when he is back not being used regularly make us doubt something is wrong big time. Maybe Square Tomato can throw some insight if possible as like Joe Gomez.

If this is your opinion on Clyne, then wonder what you have to say for Johnson. :-)

{Ed001's Note - I grew to dislike Johnson by the end of his time with us. I don't mind if a player is not good enough, I will criticise him, but not dislike him. What I dislike is when a player does not bother to try, and Johnson was one of the worst culprits for that. So glad he is gone.}

5.) 11 Jul 2016
11 Jul 2016 07:26:58
Yeah, he always looks very jittery on the ball inside the opponent's half. He needs to take a deep breath and just look up.

6.) 11 Jul 2016
11 Jul 2016 08:08:31
Sorry Ed I love Flanno but he is not quick or mobile enough and that was prior to his injury. If he had a little more pace and acceleration added to his game then great.

{Ed001's Note - and there is my point proven about all that is wrong with the English game. Flanno has enough ability and nous to make up for that. Yes it would be a bonus if he was pacey, but it is not everything. Pointless being quick if you can't pass, tackle, cross or shoot like Clyne. Flanno is capable of all of those, at his best. He is also hard working and has a great attitude.}