26 Dec 2014 14:01:20
Hey Ed002 I saw your post about Real Madrid, and you said they would be looking to move on benzema and Isco. I know LFC have no chance at either, but I was wondering if you could provide details about where both might end up. Thanks and merry Christmas.

{Ed002's Note - This is not really something for the Liverpool page. In simple terms Real Madrid have planned out the transfers in and out for the season but this is not the place to be discussing where players will move to.}

1.) 26 Dec 2014
26 Dec 2014 18:18:45
Where would we be able to find these Madrid plans Ed?


{Ed002's Note - The Real Madrid page would make more sense. So, just to clear this up - Marco Reus, Lucas Silva, Thomas Muller and David Alaba remain the targets for Real Madrid after agreement has been reached with Marco Asensio. Additional interest in Chelsea's Ramires is the balance if Lucas Silva signs with Real Madrid but there remains the chance he could move to Chelsea with Ramires heading elsewhere. Aguero remains a target but Thomas Muller looks more achievable. It is likely Martin Odegaard will also join recently arrived Mink Peeters in the U19s. Out will go Benzema, Khedira, Isco and, if they can move him on, Bale.}

2.) 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 08:01:28
Hi Ed002,

Do a lot of clubs plan in advance and do Liverpool specifically?

I know its not for the Lpool pages but what has determined the Madrid plans and why did they bother to buy Bale, was it just to make a profit?. if they will make a profit at all?

Thanks Ed, much appreciated



{Ed002's Note - All clubs will plan the players they want in and out, few will actually end up with them. Liverpool's transfer dealings have been a bit of a mess for years as trust has been placed in those simply not up to the job - be it Benitez building a first team squad of 45 players, Comolli and his antic, Dalglish or Rodgers.

Bale is a player who will help provide the means for Real Madrid to conduct their business this year.}

3.) 27 Dec 2014
27 Dec 2014 08:02:20
Surprised that they're trying to offload Bale, I think he's been excellent for them.

Ed002, should Bayern lose Muller, who would they be looking at as a replacement?
(I know I should ask on the European page, but I don't think its moderated as I've never got a response there). Cheers

{Ed002's Note - I am not going to get in to this on the Liverpool page. Sorry.}