25 Nov 2014 22:47:50
Ed1, if we lose tomorrow would you expect Rodgers to be gone- or given you've said the owners don't want to go through a caretaker manager would you expect them to take more time while they look for a perfect replacement?
I'm not completely Rodgers Out, but something has to change quickly to keep it that way; and if Klopp could somehow be convinced, I'd make the switch in a heartbeat

{Ed001's Note - I don't expect them to just sack him after a bad result, I expect them to work through the consultation before making the move.}

1.) 26 Nov 2014
26 Nov 2014 08:00:07
If we loose today we are basically out of the Champions league. We are 4 points from the bottom 3 in the league It would not just be one result it will be a number of bad results. Imo I can't see him given another transfer window. I see a new manager and a dof at the club by Jan.

2.) 26 Nov 2014
A litany of bad results