18 Nov 2014 08:57:32
There is a story in the Mirror today saying that Rafa Benitez may leave Napoli in the summer and return to the Wirral and they are giving it the "2+2=4" and saying he could replace Rodgers. Now its probably bull but I just wondered who would have Rafa back. Yes he could negative at times but we also had one of the best midfields in Europe in 2005 when he was manager and I always wondered what he could with decent backing from the current owners which is something I believe he didn't get with Hicks & Gillet.
So Ed(s)/everyone else would you have him back?

{Ed001's Note - there are a few people talking about this, I would be very surprised as last I heard he was looking to sign a new contract with Napoli, who were also looking to offer him one. While he was beloved at Liverpool as a person, there are still a lot who remember his politicking behind the scenes and his massive spending on players each season. It would be a huge sea change in the feeling there if Rafa was brought back. De Boer still seems the favourite, from what I can find out.

As for whether I would have Rafa back, for the club's sake not as the manager. If it is as a DoF, that I would also have reservations over. For the city though, his return would be a boost, as he and Montse are very heavily involved in working for local charities etc.}

1.) 18 Nov 2014
Edd I would love him back I see wat u say but look at the deals he had set up for people villa silva alves even Ronaldo and bale but his hands were tied by the owners. I think he tried to fight the last owners realising wat they were doing to the club it was him trying to rid of us of the owners. rick parry buying players on his own accord. I think under these owners he would be an excellent choice cheers

2.) 18 Nov 2014
18 Nov 2014 10:06:27
Imo I think he will manage man city next and take on his nemesis mourinho with equal backing money wise to compete.he could still live in the Wirral and I'm sure city want a manager capable of taking them to cl glory.

3.) 18 Nov 2014
Any chance of rodgers getting the sack then

{Ed001's Note - of course there is a chance, his position is under review.}

4.) 18 Nov 2014
When you say, "from what I can find out" Ed, are those the noises coming from within the club?

Also, I was just wondering, what the players feelings towards Brendan at the moment? I'm sure they thought he was brilliant last season, however as cracks have appeared, has the general attitude changed?


{Ed001's Note - yes, that is the noises I am getting, which is why I kept bringing his name into the convo in recent weeks.

It depends on the players, a lot of them are disillusioned with him and are fed up of not getting a look in, others love him for standing by them. That is all most players care about. The ones on the outside are growing though, as he is alienating more of them, along with the club's form being poor, so no one on the outside can accept being frozen out.}

5.) 18 Nov 2014
18 Nov 2014 10:28:29
Should I say nemesises mourinho and man utd.

6.) 18 Nov 2014
Rafa wanted Kun, but the owners wouldn'y pay the £7.5m for an untried South American teenager. So they went for the experienced European International superstar - Voronin.
As Mike says - Villa and Silva would have come here if Rafa had his way. Yeah we might have ended up bankrupt, but we wouldn't have been without CL money.

Also, Rafa never could quite break the stranglehold SAF had on the league (and most of the managers). I would love to see him back in the EPL now the wicked ol' witch has gone!

7.) 18 Nov 2014
Ed001 - "De Boer still seems the favourite" - for what? To replace BR, to become DoF, or something else.

{Ed001's Note - replace.}

8.) 18 Nov 2014
18 Nov 2014 12:30:26
Well, at least there is now precedence has been set by a 'big' club. Inter Milan sacked there manager due to a record of P.11 W.4 D.4 L.3 , Brendon W.4 D.2 L.5.

Love to see Rafa back or anyone else who doesn't have a philosophy, but understands the players he has and the skills the have and plays them accordingly. Lovren can't turn bad overnight, but can be expected to play a still he's not comfortable with and lose 'confidence' (for Lovren read, Skrtel, Mignolet, Lallana, Balotelli, Moreno)

9.) 18 Nov 2014
I too have seen these rumors and hope they are not true. As I remember, Rafa's greatest achievement was winning the CL with gerrard houlliers team.
After years of spending millions and letting Alonso go for Gareth Barry (who he never even got) and then panick buying Aquilani. I was no longer a Rafa Supporter.

10.) 18 Nov 2014
I would love to have him back - if it ever came to that.
There's a lot of talk about wanting to get rid of Alonso for Barry, but go back to that actual time.
Alonso wasn't in the best form and hadn't been for a good season-season and a half (around about the time that fat Frank broke his ankle).
Barry and Gerrard worked great for England at the time and you can't deny how well Barry has played.
Given the form of Alonso, He was a saleable asset (I think Juventus and Arsenal were sniffing around the £16m mark and the owners were bleeding the club dry.
The trouble is Alonso went on to have his best ever season, but the foundations for his departure had already been laid and he wanted out.
Yes Rafa tried to sell him, but in a way he was forced (unless there is more to the above story).
I never feared getting beaten when we played and you can't argue with what he achieved or how close he came.
I know they say never go back and if the owners do get rid of BR I will support whoever replaces him.
I'm just saying that I wouldn't mind it being Rafa

11.) 18 Nov 2014
As far as I'm concerned, the Rafa ship has sailed. He did good things while he was in charge but when he left it was best for everybody at the time, it was Rafa who lost our champions league status and I still can't forgive him for driving Alonso out in pursuit of Gareth Barry. Rogers problem is that he is is dog turd in the transfer market. He had a great starting 11 last season and instead of keeping it intact as best he could and replacing Suarez with a world class striker and building on that with one or two quality players capable of challenging for a first team spot, he bought in bulk and upset the harmony of the team and he has no idea what his strongest 11 is now. He also seems to completely neglect defence in training.

12.) 18 Nov 2014
Rafa Benitez, working for supportive owners, would be brilliant. He is light years ahead of Rodgers tactically. If you are playing a better team than you, to win you either have to be lucky or have a plan prepared to counter them. We would never be getting beat 3 - 0 at home by Real Madrid under Rafa.

Rafa knows how to spot a player and we would be signing players a class above the average ones we recruit now. Most of his signings that didn't come off were when he had to go for 2nd or 3rd choices because H & G wouldn't stump up the money.

I've heard quite a few on here slagging off Rafa. They must have short memories - we played in 2 Champions League Finals, winning one, plus numerous semi and quarter finals. Now we are lucky to get in it. Last season Suarez took us into the Champions League and this season Rodgers is marching us straight back out again.

Bring Rafa back to finish the job that was interrupted by the sharks Hicks and Gillet. He was made for Liverpool and loves the club, unlike playboy Rodgers, who thinks he is using it as stepping stone to La Liga.

13.) 19 Nov 2014
Rafa for me. He wasn't given cash or support and players bought who he didn't want. Like has been mentioned Rafa had deals agreed verbally for Villa, Ronaldo, silva and Kun. We would have won everything.


14.) 19 Nov 2014
I don't think anybody else would have come close to doing as good a job as Rafa did with those owners.
Like Highway says, imagine Rafa here with owners who backed him and had the same level of ambition that he has.
Rafa got bitter towards the end, too many fights. I think the club is stronger now.
Alonso came in for £8-10m, Rafa wanted to sell him for £30m and get an England international (and SG's best mate) on a free at a time when the owners would not invest any money into the team. I love Alonso, but I can see how it came to that.
Plus (and I can't stress how important this is) my wife used to love watching football when Rafa and his little goatee were in the dug out!

15.) 19 Nov 2014
Thought there was confirmation on Rafa rumour in today's Daily Mail page 71 column 5. Heading ' Rafa To return for New Year '. Only to read it referred to tennis.

16.) 20 Nov 2014
De Boer any day.