26 Aug 2014 11:50:21
Eds, Has any club shown any interest in Allen this window?
Considering if any better pedigree out there, I would swap either one for another quality Midfielder.
Both aren't adding anything to the team, I am afraid.

{Ed001's Note - Swansea did.}

1.) 26 Aug 2014
26 Aug 2014 12:50:33
Ed01, Thanks mate, Now I need your view on this. Its been sometime Allen with us as much as Borini. Borini is moving out with a label not good enough. Y not Allen then? ( don't wanna force someone out)
But what's the actual reason for this.
TBH Borini had a much better spell than Allen over the past 2 years.
I hope you saw the last match, I must agree with some poster, We need an upgrade on both Lucas and Allen to challenge the title.

Medal is the one which we missed.

Would love your thought mate.

{Ed001's Note - I don't see the problem with Allen at all, he is not what we need but he is not a bad player. There are others that are holding us back far more than he is.}

2.) 26 Aug 2014
26 Aug 2014 13:24:15
Thanks Ed01, You have a great week ahead, Hope we smash Spurs on Sunday to go right back where we belong.

3.) 26 Aug 2014
Ed 1 if your about which players do you think are holding us back?!

{Ed001's Note - Johnson, Skrtel and the use of Gerrard in every single game for every single minute.}

4.) 26 Aug 2014
I still see purpose in keeping Allen, but he won't be first choice, but the type of player that he is, is nothing like any other midfielder that we have. He will be useful in certain games. i'd rather let go of Lucas before Allen tbh, but midfield isn't really a position that were struggling with, its the defence and GK harry.

5.) 26 Aug 2014
I don't see the problem with Allen whatsoever. Johnson, Lucas and Gerrard to me are bigger concerns. Allen had a great end to the season when called upon, and has never let us down. Could just as easily be Allen receiving the, slightly over enthusiastic, adulation that Henderson is now enjoying

6.) 26 Aug 2014
I have to say that Allen is improving but he needs to be played in a position that suits. He is nowhere near physical enough to play deep .

I agree with ed that we need to prepare for life without Gerrard and to me Can is the one to come in to give Gerrard a break and to also provide competition.

7.) 26 Aug 2014
I'd say that Johnson, Enrique, Agger, Skrtel and Lucas need to be moved on.

We already have replacements for them in Manquillo, Moreno, Lovren, Sakho and Can who should be played together regularly in order to improve.

I don't think Gerrard is holding us back as such, but he doesn't provide adequate protection for our back 4. I still think he could provide something further forward like Yaya Touré does for City.

Red Rum

8.) 26 Aug 2014
You have made it quite clear you don't rate Joe Allen.
He has a role to play in our squad and gives his all every game. He doesn't run 40 yard with the ball or dance through tackles but his ball retention and movement off the ball to always show and receive a pass is top drawer.
Admittedly he could improve in the final third and hopefully this will come. He is a young improving player and I thought he was one of our better performers last night.

9.) 27 Aug 2014
Thought Allen was quality against City

10.) 27 Aug 2014
Gerrard is holding us back as he is playing for 90 minutes yet is incapable of performing for 90 minutes. He could barely jog towards the end of the City game and that lack of stamina and mobility will be exposed time and again. We play with 3 central midfielders, this seems to be a standard, with 1 of them being Gerrard. The problem for me is that Gerrard just isn't a natural defensive midfielder - sure he can ping long passes about - but his reading of the game, to occupy that defensive midfield role, is not good enough. As a result one of the other playing is required to cover Gerrard's positional and physical weaknesses: this means the midfielder covering Gerrard is unable to fulfil his own role - this, I suspect, is why Allen was somewhat underwhelming against City (though personally I thought he was fine). Gerrard's weakness is our midfield's weakness, it was exposed ruthlessly against Southampton (a game we were fortunate to win) and again, as the game wore on, against City. I would still say Skrtel and Johnson are by far the most detrimental to our team but make no mistake, Gerrard's inclusion and 90 minute spells are damaging the entire midfield. It is something Rodgers needs to address.