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17 Feb 2019 18:49:26
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17 Feb 2019 18:49:26
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16 Feb 2019 17:36:46
Hi Ed's, hope you're well, All these De Ligt rumours going around along with everyone saying how awesome he is (which is debatable) how do you rate Dayot Upamecano? and do you think Klopp would ever take a look at him considering he's playing in Germany and how much cheaper he would be as he's going for 30 million instead of 50 from what I've read, I've heard we have been linked with him in the past which I know doesn't mean a lot but was just wondering what you thought on his ability and if there was a chance we would look at him.

Cheers 👍🏻.

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{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any de Ligt rumours involving Liverpool and they have certainly not expressed any interest. Dayot Upamecano is similar in that Liverpool has shown no interest. Mr Mourinho has been a long term fan and he wanted the club to move for him, but the asking price of €100M for a player who, I think, has not played for his country is far beyond what most clubs would consider. Barcelona backed away last summer for the same reason. Prior interest of Arsenal and Milan went because of the asking price.}

16 Feb 2019 19:53:12
Could definitely build a team around him.

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16 Feb 2019 20:46:44
Never seen him play to be honest but I do reckon Gomez is pretty awesome. Would hate to see us sign anyone that would impact on his game time. That guy is the future.

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16 Feb 2019 21:31:15
Eder militao would be my choice, already capped by brazil and can play cb as well as rb.

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16 Feb 2019 20:39:36
Eds1 I know you don’t rate De Ligt but seriously he is better than vid imho. You are normally spot on with your assessment of players but I think you have this one wrong. Not trying to be offensive.

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{Ed001's Note - ok mate. Every time I see him play he is just another overhyped youngster with no positional sense and just another who can stroke the ball around under no pressure. All the ones raving about him have watched him at half pace in strolls around international football. It is not the same game as the Premier League.}

17 Feb 2019 07:55:59
So then Ed001 who in your honest opinion is the best CB in his age category at the moment in time? I know players develop at different rates. And who would you like to see Liverpool sign to cover the CB position. Would you replace Gomez or rotate him with someone else?

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{Ed001's Note - why would I replace Gomez? When fit he was exceptional alongside VVD and they were the best defensive pairing in Europe. I don't want to rotate him, I just want to keep him fit and have cover for when he is not.}

17 Feb 2019 09:25:17
Gomez is the best centre back in his age category.

75 million for another centre back who ain't as good as gomez would be madness.

If indeed 75 million is what it would take.

Declan rice would be a better buy in my opinion. Bit like fabinho in that he could play midfield and cover centre back if needed.

Gomez needs to stop being played at right back. That where he gets all his injuries.

Id rarther see fabinho being played there if needed in the future and keep gomez at cb where with vvd he is part of the best pairing in europe.

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17 Feb 2019 09:38:50
I don’t rate de Ligt or Upamecano - they both have massive weaknesses in their game which would be ruthlessly exposed in the Premier league.

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{Ed001's Note - glad someone else sees it!}

17 Feb 2019 09:49:32
That wasn't what I was trying to get out of you ed001. I rate Gomez as high as anyone else. My question was who is the best CB in there age category. And who would you like Liverpool to sign and for what position in the squad (a starter to cover or to rotate)

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{Ed001's Note - I don't see a better young defender than Gomez around.}

17 Feb 2019 09:57:53
It’s veru hard to buy a cb that is adequate cover, knowing full well they’ll be third choice at best. But we do look much less secure when it’s not Gomez and vvd, so we do need someone imo.

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17 Feb 2019 11:32:16
I think De Ligt lacks real pace and as Liverpool play a high backline that is essential.

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17 Feb 2019 14:17:28
This is not FIFA manager mode or Football Manager, players want their careers to advance. Not sure if you all remember a few years ago Gomez nearly wanted out, but Klopp promised him that he would be one of his four CB. Gomez has his injury problems, but his season was going good until he hit that board, something out of his control. It ain't like he is Studge who God knows what is injured always.

As a lifetime Liverpool fan it is frustrating to see supporters wanting to always replace our players with someone better, but we are offended when they leave for another team. If we have no loyalty to them then they should have none towards us. The squad is finally a strongest starting 11 since Rafa's day even stronger I think. Someone better not say Suarez and Sturridge the defense was shambolic then still. We just need quality depth at defense and players who understand that and won't ruin the atmosphere. City have spent over 200m+ on a back four and still have not got it sorted, so let's not be greedy about wanted better CB.

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17 Feb 2019 15:08:21
Given the quality of VVD and GOMES I think it would be very difficult to get the quality we would require because they would not sign to “ sit on the bench”. I am not totally impressed with either Matip or Lovren and if there is not enough confidence in our academy prospects at this time then I think we need to be looking at players who are experienced and although past there best, they are reliable. I will leave that category to the Edds.

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17 Feb 2019 15:53:11
I think with De ligt any club who would spend huge money would be taking a massive gamble, at that age it's easy for people to get carried away with his possible potential but he's playing in a far inferior league without facing world class attackers weekly. His price tag and his big reputation can't be justified until he proves it at a higher level. He's still only a teenager, at his age you see a lot of careers going different paths! Huge risk if anyone were to pay the big bucks.

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17 Feb 2019 16:22:34
Can we all just take a moment to enjoy this from Ed;

'When fit he was exceptional alongside VVD and they were the best defensive pairing in Europe. '

2/ 3 seasons ago, our defence was so leaky that it would give a siv a run for its money. Did we ever in our wildest of dreams imagine that our beloved Liverpool would have THE best pairing in EUROPE?!? It is staggering just how impressive VVD has been and we must pinch ourselves at the fact a young kid sits alongside him and is just as marvellous to watch.

No matter how the season ends this year, we must appreciate what we do have. After-all, at least we're not everton fans amirite?

Keep up the good work eds! apologies for the sidetrack.

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{Ed001's Note - good point mate.}

17 Feb 2019 16:38:01
Gomez is awesome there’s no doubt about it and I would select him over Lovren every day of the week but I fear with his short history (due to his age) that he might be injury prone. I’m not saying this is definite but I am saying it’s possible to see a pattern forming where he starts off well in a season and then gets a bad injury, I hope it’s just bad luck because he looks fantastic next to VVD as a partnership. I think I speak for us all when I wish him a speedy recovery 👍🏻👍🏻.

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17 Feb 2019 18:29:25
We should be a little more grateful for what we have. A sub 20 first team CB playing at arguably the highest level in Europe, top of the league.

Too many supporters only get excited about new signings for the sake of it. De Ligt is unproven. Gomez is already ours. VVD and Gomez are our CB pairing for the next 5/ 6 years. Let’s get some better quality backups with positional flexibility in the FB positions.

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15 Feb 2019 18:14:01
Confirmed Allan back to Fluminense all the best to the fella, shame it’s not worked out so far!

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17 Feb 2019 09:39:19
Another victim of our recruitment policy.

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17 Feb 2019 12:27:51
Too right Ron. Plucking a yoyng man from him comfortable home with no plan on how to benefit us, multiple randon loans all over the place givning him no chance to settle and kick on. Really infuriating that we do this, Anyowini (sp? ) and this Anderson Arroyo next.

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17 Feb 2019 14:19:14
It was a work permit issue, I get what you are saying, but you cannot blame it strictly on the recruitment policy.

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17 Feb 2019 15:43:02
They should be well aware of the work permit rules. How about this, if they need a special exemption for a work permit, target someone else? If they are not a player who is going to add something to the first team, why bother spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on them.

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15 Feb 2019 17:21:00
Just seen in Currys an old man with a red nose walking hand in hand with a young boy.
They stopped at the isle where the hair dryers
are for sale and were in great discussion about which one to buy.
After a while they decided that a hair dryer would not be powerful enough for what they needed.
They eventually bought a leaf blower and I may be mistaken but the old guy smelled of whisky.
Could it have been OGS and SAF?

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15 Feb 2019 21:46:30
😂 ha.

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15 Feb 2019 12:59:00
Not my normal entry, but I overheard Eriksen from Tottenham for a cool 90 to a 100 mill, as a direct Coutinho replacement.
Apparently talks have been ongoing a while, which is why He hasn't extended with Tottenham and has snubbed Real.

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15 Feb 2019 13:59:11
I wouldn't pay half that for Eriksen. Ridiculous.

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15 Feb 2019 14:07:37
Doubt it.

Wish we had bought him under BR when we were linked with him for like a month then Spurs came in and snabbed him!

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15 Feb 2019 16:08:54
This is the Liverpool page? Coutinho plays for Barcelona and Eriksen plays for Spurs?

Unless you mean that Liverpool will be replacing Coutinho? Which makes even less sense as the player left over a year ago and we've been doing fine without him. We don't even play in a way that anyone like Coutinho would fit into?

Very odd post.

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15 Feb 2019 17:40:06
My thoughts too RedDawn.

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15 Feb 2019 17:56:39
I'd take him all day long, but not for near £90m with a year left on his contract.

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15 Feb 2019 18:06:07
I’d sooner spend the money on Werner, but what do I know.

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15 Feb 2019 19:15:23
Run - I don’t know how much you know but Werner is seriously overrated but maybe klopp can make him better like so many others.

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15 Feb 2019 19:23:06
Maybe to Barcelona to replace Coutinho.

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15 Feb 2019 19:32:25
Relevance to Liverpool?

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15 Feb 2019 20:15:57
1jj - I can only confess to watching him play a few times but I was impressed with his pace and attitude to pressing.
Apparently his composure is debateable and sometimes too eager to get forward but over 50goals at 22 in the last few years is an impressive option for Jurgen to mould.
I don’t really know how viable a move for him is, but Jurgen knows the Bundasliga and probably what he can do to improve the lad. Let’s see what happens in the summer but I’m sure a few clubs will be looking at him.

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15 Feb 2019 21:48:50
Maybe Coutinho’s replacement at Barca.

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15 Feb 2019 22:22:39
I was more concerned by this:

“Not my normal entry, ” 🤨.

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16 Feb 2019 08:46:56
Never mind Werner - promote Glatzel.

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16 Feb 2019 11:45:30
Klopp replaced Coutinho tactically. Keita Fabinho and Hendo. Then wijnaldum and milner started the season in great form, our new signings had to settle, Hendo struggled with some injuries. Now we have 5 great players for 3 spots and don't need Coutinho. Add in Ox is almost back. We don't need money spent there. We would end up in City's situation where your record signing is on the bench most games. I believe the key to our improvement is buying young and replacing our high earners that are essentially second team (Moreno, Milner, Lallana, Sturridge) . Certainly need a fullback in the off-season.

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17 Feb 2019 08:09:24
Just posting what I overheard.
Eriksen coming up from London to Merseyside.
I took the liberty of assuming it must be Christian Eriksen and that it wasn't Everton he was going to.

As I know the former player is still friends with another team mate former pl player ( turned agent and his first name was mentioned too) .

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17 Feb 2019 08:10:51
Who knows: maybe it was Magdalena Erikson from Chelsea they were talking about.

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17 Feb 2019 09:40:59
Sven going to manage the blues 😄.

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15 Feb 2019 12:48:15
Hi eds/ reds, I seen some rumours today that Matip is struggling with injury again which would leave us playing with no fit first team CBS, and eds or reds shed any light if it's true? Thanks.

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15 Feb 2019 13:30:48
Pretty sure Matip was involved in this morning’s training session; saw him in one of the photos released by LFC.

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15 Feb 2019 14:38:14
Matip is fit and the only fit cb currently.

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15 Feb 2019 16:32:35
VVD is fit. He's just suspended.

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15 Feb 2019 11:14:31
Morning eds any truth in Salah for Paulo Dybala plus €50m? Or is this media b. s. Cheers.

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{Ed002's Note - As you know Salah has continued to be hawked around and certainly there has been a further discussion with PSG. Juve might be open to considering Salah as they are looking to continue to make major changes but Liverpool has shown no interest in Dybala - and he wants to move elsewhere, so the player agreeing to such a deal seems unlikely.}

15 Feb 2019 13:17:29
Whats the story with Salah is he unhappy or what?

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15 Feb 2019 14:25:14
If we win this year and he still wants to leave then it can’t be considered to be to go looking for silverware. As per usual, it is likely driven by money.

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15 Feb 2019 14:28:08
It’s probably Salah’s agent as opposed to Salah handing in requests. As it stands he plays for LFC and bagging most weeks so I’d focus on that.

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15 Feb 2019 11:29:50
Cheers ed, it's really beyond belief that Salah has signed new deal and goes on Twitter to say he's going nowhere, but his agent can contact the every Tom dick and Harry to see who wants him. Is this common practice?

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{Ed002's Note - Some players have agents that hawk them around. It is not uncommon.}

15 Feb 2019 11:32:25
Ed u see the way u say hawked around! since the player has a contract and a fair bit to go on it can the club not stop this or anything footballers and agents are greedy b#%#%#%#s!

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{Ed002's Note - It is how clubs recruit players.}

15 Feb 2019 12:26:26
A further discussion with PSG? Sorry Ed I didn’t realise they were looking at Salah tbh. A Neymar replacement possibly?

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{Ed002's Note - His agent approached PSG initially.}

15 Feb 2019 13:05:27

It wouldn’t surprise me if a bid for Salah and it will be interesting to see the how the club responds.

One question, surely someone at the club is aware of Salah being touted around? And as for talks with PSG, if the club were aware of this, surely they would not be happy? Whilst PSG can’t talk to the player directly I presume, talks through the agent is very much the forefront of the discussion?

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{Ed002's Note - Agents and clubs talk all of the time - that is, when not tapping players up, Liverpool get to sign players. It is the norm.}

15 Feb 2019 17:31:10
Agreed it might be the norm Ed002 but my point is, surely the club are aware of Salah’s agent talking to PSG and flaunting him around.

It seems as though Salah’s agent are quite insistent and extremely proactive in this instance, clearly the club needs to prepare or at least question his actions.

I would.

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{Ed002's Note - there is no secret Salah wants to move to Real Madrid. The club are not going to question it - particularly now two Liverpool players are openly talking about tapping a player up.}

15 Feb 2019 18:11:59
uhhhh Mane and Keita are tapping up Timo Werner. Leipzing won't sell now.

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15 Feb 2019 20:36:57
Cheers for the info Ed.

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15 Feb 2019 20:19:10
Behave yourselves. 2 players asking a friend and former teammate to join them at their new club cannot be considered tapping up. That’s just ridiculous.
They should just have holding cells with no windows to keep players and managers in when not playing or training so they can’t ‘tap up’ their mates who play for other clubs.
Seriously are they not allowed to talk to their friends now? They should definitely ban international football if that’s the case. Imagine all of the ‘tapping up’ that goes on there!
Absolutely ridiculous.

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{Ed002's Note - it is rapping up but it goes on. Uniquely in England the Liverpool players boast about it. They are cretics to do this.}

15 Feb 2019 20:58:07
Is that what and who you meant Ed, Mané and Keita talking about Werner?

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{Ed002's Note - of course.}

15 Feb 2019 22:25:04
Players come, players go. I think we’ve got the best out of Salah and the end of the season would probably be the optimum time to sell.

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15 Feb 2019 23:52:08
Just sign jovic? A year younger and better.

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16 Feb 2019 10:43:18
An agent can hawk his player around to various clubs but the player’s club can do nothing about it. Players from one club can talk to the media about wanting their mate from another club to join them and the mate’s club can do nothing about it. If a club make overtures to a player from another club without that club’s permission it is tapping up and forbidden. Doesn’t this demonstrate that the rules surrounding tapping up are out of date and ineffective and need an overhaul?

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{Ed002's Note - It is the job of the agent to talk to clubs about players. Players are not allowed to say they will be tapping up players on behalf of their club - Gerrard was caught doing that and admonished. If the media were to ask a player about another there would not be an issue them saying that it would be good if he joined - that would be fine. Klopp briefed members of the media over four players he wanted in an attempt to have them help him with his tapping up - although not covered in the rules it is unsportsmanlike. Maybe you don't have a clear understanding of the rules?}

16 Feb 2019 11:22:12
Ed02, thanks for the reply. I happily admit I have only a rudimentary understanding of the rules despite you spending a lot of your time on this site explaining them to simpletons like me. But from that limited understanding they do seem to me be rather contradictory and geared towards the money-making activities of agents and others who inhabit professional football. One man’s deal making actions are another man’s tapping up activities .

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{Ed002's Note - Agents are covered by very restive rules and it is now heading back to the more struck rules of full registration. But you have to remember that agents are contacting Liverpool about players to discuss them and in most cases that is how transfers work. The players will likely be written to and reminded of their responsibilities - that is the norm. Where clubs have encouraged players to do it it is more serious - Barcelona has had trouble in the past with that.}

16 Feb 2019 12:49:14
I think it was MK Scouser that said they should just let people do what they want. Tapping up in some form will go on in the majority of transfers especially the big ones let’s just stop making such a big deal of it.
The fact is that the rules (whatever they are) are unenforceable in most cases as the ‘tapping up’ is too difficult to prove. There are so many ways in which people can communicate now I just don’t see the point in trying to pretend it doesn’t happen.

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16 Feb 2019 17:08:58
I'm not sure of ed002 answered but I was quickly flicking through responses and I couldn't see.
1) you said salahs agent been hawking him around to them but are they themselves interested?
2) if they are, is this a replacement for neymar or mbappe?


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{Ed002's Note - I would not be surprised if they were. Yes it would be a replacement for either one.}

16 Feb 2019 20:45:24
Tapping up is not new, just harder to keep a secret. Stevie G himself was blatantly tapped up at Euro 2004 by Lampard and Terry, hence we went a whole season with links to them.

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14 Feb 2019 20:02:27
OK, so my cousin is studying sports science in holland and one of the lecturers also works for ajax and whilst having a natter Inbetween learning it was dropped in that the lecturer had been involved in discussions about the medical history of our very own marko grujic with a view that the powers that be in ajax gathering a detailed file on Marko to fill the void left by de Jong in the coming summer. Now eds, with us clearly in need of a centre back that can add competition and depth to this area would it not be plausible for a cash and player exchange. I cannot see Marko being a long term klopp player as his profile is not that of a pressing player but I believe he would be perfect for ajax as a de jong replacement and we should be able to command decent value with his consistent performances so far this season. From his point and his father's, who Ed 1 has alluded is a bit of a pain when it comes to pushing his sons needs ahead of thst of the teams, they would be happy with the regular game time he would get. Any word on the grape vine would be appreciated regarding this subject cheers eds?

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{Ed001's Note - exchange for who?}

14 Feb 2019 21:42:43
I think he means De Ligt.

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{Ed001's Note - even if Ajax could be persuaded to sell him, when they no longer need money, why would we want him? I have not seen anything special about the lad at all. Looks ok like, but he is not worth spending huge money on.}

15 Feb 2019 00:28:15
Sorry my bad, yes I did mean de ligt and it just seemed to add up with us needing a centre back to replace one of matip or lovren and the fact grujic would be likely to leave. Thanks for your response Ed and Jones Red, much appreciated.

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14 Feb 2019 23:01:13
No offence at all Ed001 but you didn’t want us to sign VVD and that worked out fine. MDL is awesome.

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{Ed001's Note - no offence taken but he is not awesome. As for van Dijk I gave my reasons for that and it was not a lack of ability to defend unlike de Ligt.}

15 Feb 2019 00:01:35
Agree ed001. I think in Gomez we have one of the best cbs in the league already given his young age. If we were thinking of going for a cb alderweireld be my choice. 30 yes but knows the league, decent price and excellent quality. Had his fair share of injuries and so has Gomez but plenty of games for 3 top cbs to keep them all happy.

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15 Feb 2019 07:35:19
This is another one of those classic cases of someone who’s hyped and everyone goes along with it. I call bullsh@t that the amount of people on here calling him awesome watch anywhere near enough eredevise football to have that opinion. I bet a lot play Fifa and FM but would never admit that’s why they pine for him.

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{Ed001's Note - I agree mate. I wouldn't have watched him if I hadn't heard all the FIFA and FM types slaver on about how great he is. When I watched him he was average on the best performance, but there were still commentators talking up his performance online. Then you read on and those commentators had actually watched a different game that night!}

15 Feb 2019 08:31:40
Actually Ed001 pointed out VVD have stroll through the game and not making any efforts. He didn't mention about his technique or ability.

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{Ed001's Note - I did mention his technique and ability, I said they were top class. It was purely his strolling through games that bothered me. There were far too many games he would get caught out upfield walking back etc. Since he has been with us he has only done that a few times.}

15 Feb 2019 09:21:17
Saying we need another CB what's happened to Nathan Phillips he was doing well and was on the verge of the first team I believe.

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15 Feb 2019 10:28:50
I remember seeing Nat Phillips play alongside Joe Gomez in the U23s. While he was not as quick as Joe he was more dominant in the air, was comfortable on the pall and ha a decent range of passing. It would be a shame if he doesn't get an opportunity to show how he would fare at a higher level.

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15 Feb 2019 10:42:57
Problem with Nathan Phillips is that he has suffered through injuries, last year was his back and this year one of his ankles which required surgery. He is suffering like Gomez did.

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15 Feb 2019 21:44:47
I remember when Ed1 had his opinions of VVD and nobody can argue with them if they saw him play, 100% correct. I think the majority would understand why he was concerned about him. I was and at the time he was made out to be the best defender on earth and he simply wasn't, anybody who paid attention to VVD would've said the same things. Luckily for us, he's improved dramatically.

As for De Ligt, I've seen him play about twice and didn't really pay attention to him so I can't have an opinion but I trust what Ed1 is saying, therefore it has to be a no go imo.

Young Gomez is quality and will only improve, if we go and get in a big money CB then Gomez is sent to the bench. If that was to happen he'd probably want to leave and who would blame him? He needs to be first choice, we have other positions to strengthen before bringing in another CB.

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15 Feb 2019 20:01:08
Ed001, I meant there is no problem with his ability or technique in the profile you mentioned.

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{Ed001's Note - ah ok cheers.}

17 Feb 2019 09:49:08
I watched VVD for Saints when he played us and for me it was clearly a case of lack of motivation. Pretty disgraceful if you ask me with the wages these guys get but there you go.
He had absolutely everything in his game, strength, speed, anticipation, good in the air and could tackle. In my opinion he was the best current defender I had seen. He just seemed to have given up before kick off.
I usually get players wrong but I knew VVD would be a class signing.

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14 Feb 2019 10:46:22
The Liverpool main team may have jetted off to sunny Marbella but for the loanees there was business to attend to.

It was a fairly quiet weekend for many of the loanees as Ings and Ejaria missed out through injury; Clyne was ineligible to play against his parent club whilst Chirivella, Ojo, Arroyo, Bogdan and Allan were all unused.

Football is a funny game and Awoniyi was the last man laughing as his current side Mouscron faced his former employer Gent at the weekend.

With 3 goals in 22 appearances (many from the bench) Awoniyi left his loan spell with Gent early and returned to Mouscron where he had great success last season.

Awoniyi has been all action since his return and his form continued on Saturday as he scored Mouscron's opener in a hard fought 2-1 victory.

That is now 4 wins in 4 since Awoniyi returned with the young striker netting 3 goals in that time.

Marko Grujic's fine form in the Bundesliga continued at the weekend as the young Serbian notched his first assist of the season in a 3-0 win over Borussia Monchengladbach.

It was yet another all action performance from the young Serb who in recent weeks has been compared to Xabi Alonso in the way he dictates the game! High praise indeed for the promising youngster.

Two reds came head to head this weekend as Ryan Kents Rangers faced Liam Millars Kilmarnock in the Scottish Cup 5th round.

It was not the most exciting of matches with the game finishing 0-0 meaning a replay at Ibrox will be played soon.

Kent started on the left and played the full 90 for Rangers whilst Millar came off the bench to see out the closing stages.

Kamil Grabara got his first taste of competitive action for his new club at the weekend as his team AGF faced fourth placed Esbjerg in the Danish Superliga.

And it was the perfect start for the young keeper who managed to keep a clean sheet in a lively performance as AGF ran out eventual 2-0 winners.

Lloris Karius was obviously spurned on by the performance of Grabara as he too went on to keep a clean sheet as Besiktas comfortably beat Bursaspor 2-0. (Anything you can do, I can do etc etc. )

Harry Wilson (spurned on by the fact he won Derbys goal of the month for the FIFTH month in a row) faced his former employer Hull City at the weekend.

There were no goals or assists for Wilson this weekend but he did put in a lively display as Derby ran out eventual 2-0 winners.

And last but by no means least the ever present Herbie Kane was at the heart of things for Doncaster as they fought back from 1-0 down to beat promotion chasing Peterborough Utd 3-1.

And that's your lot.

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14 Feb 2019 10:59:50
Cheers carra much appreciated YNWA.

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14 Feb 2019 11:07:57
Cheers for the update Carra. Glad to see Grujic playing consistently well though id say that ship has sailed for us. I hope wilson is given a chance next season.

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14 Feb 2019 11:31:45
I believe Kane got a goal and an assist!

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14 Feb 2019 11:54:42
Thanks for the update. Good to hear Grujic doing very well. Id like to see him succeed at Liverpool if a space opens up.

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14 Feb 2019 16:20:06
Thank you very much.

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14 Feb 2019 17:38:30
The southern red, Kane got a goal an assist in the midweek game against Southend. He was again all action and received a standing ovation from the supporters. Question for one of the eds, is there any chance Donny could retain Kane's services next term or will l'pool look to give him a chance next season?

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{Ed001's Note - I doubt he is anywhere near a chance for Liverpool yet.}

15 Feb 2019 01:38:04
Thanks carra.

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15 Feb 2019 10:18:00
What will be the plans for Herbie Kane next season Ed001? Doncaster is local to me and all the people I know rave about how he's been playing. Obviously he needs to prove it at a higher level first before first team thoughts arrive.

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{Ed001's Note - probably loan again.}

14 Feb 2019 05:26:09 there genuine interest in A. Raboit. any suggestion where he will end up.

Believable2 0Unbelievable

{Ed002's Note - He has plenty of options but I am not aware of any proposal being made by Liverpool at this time.}

14 Feb 2019 08:52:34
I think, dependant on wage demands, I’d be surprised that we aren’t keeping some interest i the player. Young talented and lots of experience!

Although recent free transfer wages put me off the idea!

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14 Feb 2019 10:08:10
High wages and very similar to the Midfield options we already have in Gine Fabs Keita Ox Hendo Milner etc, we are stacked in that area of the field.

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13 Feb 2019 11:29:15
Rumour has it that allan has moved back to brazil on loan.

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13 Feb 2019 12:55:26
"Rumour has it" - Lemar back on the cards?

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{Ed025's Note - "if theres any justice in the world" he will be zed.. :)

13 Feb 2019 13:24:51
I heard right about now it's fifty fifty.

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13 Feb 2019 21:33:46
Ed025. Surely if we did buy Lemar we’d have to give him time to grow?

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{Ed025's Note - nice one DPG..

14 Feb 2019 14:01:14
I remember when he made his debut on The Word,
He was up his own backside in those days with his 59s throwback hairstyle 🙄.

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14 Feb 2019 14:59:57
You got the right guy there Ron?

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14 Feb 2019 08:12:56
I've heard he's pretty 'dedicated' Ed. ;) Should sign him up.

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{Ed025's Note - good stuff KK..

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