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22 Apr 2018 07:05:38
We have decided to change the Teams page to be the Liverpool Match Posts page, so look for posts talking about the latest Liverpool match there.

But most of the posts still go to the Liverpool Banter page.

22 Apr 2018 07:05:38
Also more posts are being added to the Liverpool Other Posts page.

21 Apr 2018 23:32:11
Hi Ed’s not sure if it’s been answered before but do we have any interest in Fellaini? Dear god I hope not.

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{Ed002's Note - Not as far as I am aware.}

21 Apr 2018 23:47:35
Use him as a scarecrow over summer when we’re not playing?

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22 Apr 2018 06:33:28
The only way I could see us even being remotely interested in him is if Klopp can see a central defender in him, he’s not quick or agile enough to play anywhere else in a klopp team.

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21 Apr 2018 19:42:00
Hello Eds can i ask if we reached an agreement with real madrid for Ceballos?

(Calciomercato) (Bleach Report)


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{Ed002's Note - I cannot sensibly get in to blow-by-blow updates about "reaching agreement" or "close". I can generally answer questions about interest where I either know or find out, but even if I were to be able to ask about the exacting detail, I wouldn't. You need someone else for that, sorry.}

21 Apr 2018 21:19:17

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21 Apr 2018 20:23:10
Ceballos as good as done Ed001?🤔.

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{Ed001's Note - not that I am aware of. Not yet.}

21 Apr 2018 20:35:45
Ok mate. Thanks.

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20 Apr 2018 21:31:46
Ed is there any truth can is going Man U?

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{Ed002's Note - Not that I am aware.}

21 Apr 2018 03:46:44
Thanks ed another Twitter special 😂.

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21 Apr 2018 08:50:15
Think City may have been the manchester club interested not Utd.

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21 Apr 2018 10:45:13
Said it before, and I'll say it again, he won't improve any of the teams he's been linked with so I'd be happy if he went to them to be honest. Decent player but won't take us to the next level unless he's playing within himself right now.

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21 Apr 2018 14:29:39
Or he will continue to improve and become one of the best. do know he's only 24. He'd have certainly helped not let that result happen today.

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21 Apr 2018 19:18:35
Give over Kloppshop. A lot of the team had a poor game today, perhaps Klopp asked the players to be cautious, maybe the next game is too much of a distraction? Who knows, but these results happen and it's not really a problem at this stage of the season when you're 10 points clear of 5th.

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22 Apr 2018 04:54:13
KloppShop, in my view there are a number of reasons why we did not get the result today, LFC themselves never got out of 2nd Gear, Moreno on the left was our weak link, I think it was the first time that back 4 played together, Ings had no luck today he could of got a penalty and that punch on him went unnoticed, West Brom scored 2 scrappy goals rather than crafted them out - I doubt Can would have made the difference today.

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20 Apr 2018 20:59:11
Looking through the posts I have come to this:

Cabellos: definitely of interest
Navas: possible
Meyer: possible
Draxler: possible
Lemar: Of interest but not at the price quoted. Unlikely.

Would there be any further names I could check out that Liverpool have shown some interest in?

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21 Apr 2018 01:51:17
We've looked at right-backs but I don't think we've settled on one target or anything yet. Might be wrong and if so, please correct me eds.

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21 Apr 2018 00:57:35
My post should have started Hi ed002 😀 fishing for one of those awesome summaries you did for Man u and arsenal fans. Or st least one or two more names to do some research on.

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{Ed002's Note - Apologies Davey, I did not see your post. I am not sure that there is anything new right now. I have also explained before about options such as Alisson and Draxler. I had planned on a Sharkopod for the Liverpool page but time is tight, so I will try and get something done during the week.}

21 Apr 2018 07:37:53
Nice one edd 2 looking forward to it.

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21 Apr 2018 08:11:02
top man ed002
looking forward to it.

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21 Apr 2018 09:27:03
Awesome Ed. Look forward to it always. Appreciate it.

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21 Apr 2018 11:01:52
Jorginho - Definite interest.

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21 Apr 2018 11:21:52
There is no sweeter feeling in the world than seeing a Sharkopod for Liverpool appear on the site. Have to admit, first time I was like, “this ed2 is just having a laugh” now I love the adverts and music almost as much as the priceless information. You are a total legend Ed002. whenever you get around to it, you’ll be making our month.

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20 Apr 2018 17:43:43
Hi Ed1 sorry if You have answered this before but I couldn't find it. do we have a genuine interest in signing Ruben Neves? Thanks.

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{Ed001's Note - not that I am aware of. I don't expect Wolves to let him move this summer, a season in the Prem and his value will shoot up.}

20 Apr 2018 19:46:40
If they finish mid table and he has good year he will cost a fortune it's turned into a really good move for him and his career.

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20 Apr 2018 20:52:00
I saw everyone on here talking about that goal so decided to have a look myself to see what the fuss is about.
Wow 😳 just wow.

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20 Apr 2018 20:58:05
I don't think he's scored a goal inside the box, there is a clip of all of his goals this season, all screamers.

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20 Apr 2018 22:32:12
We need players who can shoot from range, it's one thing coutihno offered that I miss, bit of magic too unlock stubborn defences would help us no end, hope we can find someone with them qualities, nice too have variety in the way we attack.

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20 Apr 2018 22:35:20
Whilst I’m not playing down the players ability and potential he has clearly been a level above that of the championship all season so let’s see how he fairs in a better league.

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21 Apr 2018 01:08:39
Keita and Ox will sort that to some extent next season Hailstones.

We need players that are players first though rather than buying players that can shoot but don’t fit the system. Shooting from distance has become less important as our front three has learnt to unlock defences with smart movement and our FBs have improved their delivery from out wide (especially TAA! )

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21 Apr 2018 14:40:15
In a choice between Ceballos and Neves, I would go with Neves. Better passing, livelier, and better tackler too.

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20 Apr 2018 13:41:57
Good morning eds an reds
Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

Just read that Klopp has personally phoned Ceballos and convinced him to join us over the 2 Milan sides and Juventus, who have now directed interest elsewhere because he is convinced by a move to us.

Hope we have permission and won't be accused of tapping him up ;_;

Although i'm assuming this is just paper talk as usual probably to spur a push from any other interested sides?

Anyway hope you all get off work early to enjoy the rest of the weather - tis meant to be miserable again from Sunday xD.

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20 Apr 2018 13:56:33
Is that not tapping up?

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20 Apr 2018 14:21:04
I Real do not see a future for him, and have approved other clubs taking contact I belive we would be home safe. Unfurtunatly I think history has it, that when ever Real has a player on their hands they don't rate good enough, as soon as clubs starting to make contact, he is all of a sudden starter material, og gets a £200 mill release clause. I recall we've been through thos hisyory with both Isco and Asensio. Youth player, to rubbish to Real and they want rid, Liverpool plus others enter the scene, but then he's the next big thing!

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{Ed001's Note - they never wanted rid of either Isco nor Asensio.}

20 Apr 2018 14:30:24
That is news papers putting 1+1 = cabelllos lives in Klopps spare room.

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20 Apr 2018 15:49:59
Ed 1 is Dani Ceballos still being looked at? There’s been that many links lately neves lemar Jorginho just to name a few do we hold any real interest in these players?

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{Ed001's Note - Ceballos yes.}

20 Apr 2018 16:29:55
What is Klopp going to have to do for some of you lot to fully trust him? I’m so sick of fans ragging players before they even put on the kit. How many of you thought Ox and Robbo would have the season they had? Or Salah? Maybe, just maybe, our manager has a pretty good idea of what he’s doing, and you should trust him to bring in the right players. Remember, you’re a “supporter. ” Your job is to support.

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20 Apr 2018 16:48:36
Klopp always gets the best out of his players.
Ceballos could turn out to be a worldy under Klopp.

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20 Apr 2018 17:04:51
Just been reading through a few rags online. Yes I no they are all full of sh#t but was bored so had a read and the Mirrow had a piece saying that a deal/ agreement is nearly reached. Not saying its credible at all but that's what it said.

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20 Apr 2018 21:25:40
And the Mirror would have access to his information?
Of course not. Slow news day, make something up. got to sell papers and generate clicks somehow.

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20 Apr 2018 22:36:26
Is cabellos a box to box midfielder in the say Henderson mold or more attacking, can't help feeling we actually need defence minded midfielders.

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21 Apr 2018 07:18:43
I like ceballos. Another hungry and promising player to compete wwith that group. Said elsewhere, we're unlikely to have 6 starting quality midfielders so ya need to fill the squad with guys like this. He has potential to be great and a club like ours could bring it out of him. Also think we need to trust klopp and the team a bit more.

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21 Apr 2018 11:09:11
negativeredwalter - that’s why I said I hope we have permission instead of tapping up haha reports are saying he has been told he can leave after somebody put a bid in (apparently us, but the eds haven't said so and I believe them more)

Yankee Red - nobody in this post has said anything bad about him? That came out of nowhere or was it meant for another post?
Unless you didn’t see the typo from smeg when he said "I* Real do not see a future for him" instead of If*?

I think he has a very bright future and will excel under Klopp if we do get him like.

Hailstones - he can play a few roles, can play deep but he is not a proper DM similar to Keita, but also similar to Coutinho in a more advanced role, sometimes on the left, but mostly in the center.

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20 Apr 2018 09:11:23
Hey Eds,
I was just reading your long list of right backs we've looked at and wondered if we still hold interest in Ricardo Pereira, or has it moved on or is he off somewhere else? Thanks a mil. Enjoy the season finale!

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{Ed001's Note - I believe he is off somewhere else.}

20 Apr 2018 10:37:34
Where do I find this long list of right backs?

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20 Apr 2018 10:45:14
On a list with a lot of named right backs.
Happy to help. :-)

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20 Apr 2018 14:40:50
{Ed001's Note - yes right back, we have looked at hundreds mate, bit soon to get certain names of the likely targets. We have looked at Hysaj, but I would expect him to be out of reach now with Napoli not wanting to sell. The Sociedad right back Odriozola, though he is a bit too attacking for my liking, as he also play midfield. There are a few in Germany, Heinrichs, Elvedi and Weiser and the Leipzig one, whose name I have forgotten. Lots more too though how many of them will even be in the thinking when it comes time to try and buy one I don't know right now. Oh Bilbao's right back. }

If anyone wants to find it again in future, just search for Odriozola.

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20 Apr 2018 19:01:27
Lol love the reply killinghome, thanks MK.

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19 Apr 2018 05:57:01
Any truth we are looking at Alireza Jahanbakhsh of AZ Alkmaar?
Many thanks.

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19 Apr 2018 08:27:58
It’s a ploy by the club shop to charge more for personalised shirt lettering 😉😂.

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19 Apr 2018 12:48:27
We already have Alexander-Arnold and Oxlade-Chamberlain for that!

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19 Apr 2018 13:21:20
The club shop boys are just getting greedy now 😂😂.

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19 Apr 2018 13:23:06
No wonder they’re not as enamoured of “Salah” as the rest of us! Imagine the outcry if we had bought “Fer” or “Ng”?! Heads would’ve rolled 😂😂😂.

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19 Apr 2018 13:36:28
Looks likes the answer to a trivial pursuit question. ‘what’s the highest ever word scored in a professional scrabble tournament’.

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19 Apr 2018 18:57:46

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19 Apr 2018 19:00:54
There is also Alberto Moreno Pérez!

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19 Apr 2018 19:03:23
There is off course the one and only King of Egypt Mohammed Salah Ghaly!

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19 Apr 2018 20:36:32
His name is Salah Ghaly if you want to go the whole hog.

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18 Apr 2018 15:51:14
Good Afternoon redmen,

Hope you are well,

Sorry the loan update is late there just isn't enough hours in the day!

A weekend to forget for Wilson and Hull as they lost 1-0 to Sheffield Wednesday.
Wilson did however score in their previous mid week game, the 5-0 win over Burton and the young Welshman was voted the Hull player of the month.

Chirivella continues to impress for Willem II as they beat NAC Breda 2-1. It was Chirivella's 27th full outing this season for the dutch team.
Willem II are almost safe for the season.

Markovic started a second game in succession for Anderlecht as they beat Club Brugge 1-0.
Hopefully he starts to settle and kick starts his once promising career.

Arroyo and Mallorca B's won again! This time a 4-0 demolition of Esporles.
This takes his unbeaten run since joining the club to 10 games.

Origi started on the bench for Wolfsburg as they hosted Ausburg. With the score at 0-0 he came on as a second half substitute and missed a glorious chance to win them the game!
It finished 0-0.

Sturridge came on for the final few minutes to help west Brom beat Man U. :)

Grujic was an unused sub as Cardiff got back to winning ways with a 2-0 win over Norwich.

Flannaghan played so poorly in the midweek defeat to Millwall that he was dropped from the squad for the weekend match against Burnley!

Ejaria was an unused sub as Sunderland drew 1-1 with Reading.

Matty Virtue and Notts County continued their promotion chase with a 3-1 win over Colchester.

Chester's relegation was confirmed this week with a 3-2 defeat to Boreham Wood. Andy Firth continues to deputise in goal which will be great experience for the youngster.

Keita was rested after a busy period and only made a late sub appearance as RBL drew 1-1 Werder Bremen.

Kent and Ojo did not make the match day squads, Whelan and Awoniyi both missed out through illness and Connor Randall and Hearts had the week off.

And there's your lot redmen.

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18 Apr 2018 16:40:33
thanks carra.

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18 Apr 2018 16:43:16
Cheers Carra.

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18 Apr 2018 16:50:19
Thank you.

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18 Apr 2018 19:56:58
I believe Owoniyi is injured for the rest of the seeaon.

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18 Apr 2018 21:55:44
thanks Carra.

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19 Apr 2018 11:53:45
Cheers Carra.
What happened to Flannagan, I remember him playing under Kenny, he looked like he would be a solid defender for a years to come.

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19 Apr 2018 12:52:01
He came into a side winnng games for his first decent run in the side which is always easier to do. I think the fact he was a scouser and gave 110% effort made the fans warm to him.
I actually read an article at the end of that season that he had been beaten by the attacker on average per game more than any other player in the prem which ring alarm bells to me (although stats can be misleading)
I actually think fans may have been a little blinkered? i for one thought he looked a god full back but the fact he can’t make the Bolton squad points to him maybe not being as good as we thought he was.

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{Ed001's Note - injuries and a poor attitude are his problem. He would rather go out on the lash and have a good time than put in a few extra hours training and then going home to rest and recuperate. He could have been good but the desire just wasn't there when problems hit.}

19 Apr 2018 15:10:34
Ed01 - interesting that! I thought his attitude is what got him the opportunity in the 1st team with us. Has he just given up? Why would he do that when he was building a good reputation for himself?

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{Ed001's Note - he had a good attitude to get there, but the injury changed it. He was a kid who was unable to train or go to work etc each day, but had lots of money and free time. The injury put him at a low ebb mentally and he was bored. It is a very common problem in football and why so many end up addicted to stuff, as they are not properly cared for or educated to deal with boredom or any other aspect of their own mental health and wellbeing.}

19 Apr 2018 15:27:22
Injuries have taken their toll on Flanagan and think we should release him in the summer.

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19 Apr 2018 19:37:08
Sooner he's out the better, he's a fool to himself. I was actually very excited about him at one point but he blew it, if he'd of got his head down and worked harder he'd of been something today. But then we had the issues the other month with him beating on his girlfriend, no respect from me, I'll be glad to see the back of him.

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