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18 Aug 2017 17:27:52
Most of the posts go to the Liverpool Banter page.

Also more posts are being added to the Liverpool Other Posts page.

18 Aug 2017 17:01:43
Just passing on what I've been told so don't shoot the messenger. once this weekend's game is out of the way the Liverpool rumour mill will kick up a gear and by thurs after the CL qualifier Liverpool will make statements regarding forth coming transfers into the club. And they will also reiterate the pip will not be sold this transfer window for any price and that the matter is firmly closed.

Don't know if any of the eds can shed any light on this or indeed MACCA can lend his expertise.

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18 Aug 2017 17:17:51
Shed any light on what? You've said nothing.

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18 Aug 2017 16:29:21
I'm hearing naby keita will not be playing against schalke tomorrow night. Make of it what you will.

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18 Aug 2017 17:05:42
He was injured and missed training.

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18 Aug 2017 17:19:43
Must be fatigued from all that house hunting.

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18 Aug 2017 15:54:54
According to Paul Joyce Liverpool have rejected a £118 million bid for Coutinho.

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18 Aug 2017 16:10:52
Stupid move by the club.

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18 Aug 2017 16:14:15
Good the owners are passing a message to the rest of the squad and to the other teams that Liverpool cannot be forced into doing anything they don't want to either by a player or another club. We have our price they either pay it and take him or he stays where he is and in a world cup year we 'll see if he is willing to risk his place in the Brazil team.

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{Ed002's Note - This is nothing to do with the owners, and nobody is listening to any messages. It is like some sort of joke reading these posts.}

18 Aug 2017 16:15:45
Holding our for 135 milll I've heard. How true that is though i don't know.

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18 Aug 2017 16:16:44
Why if a) they want to keep the player or b) they think this under values the player?

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18 Aug 2017 16:17:19
Yeah really stupid move keeping your best player.

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18 Aug 2017 16:17:40
Hopefully they get the hint and we get one of season out of him!

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18 Aug 2017 16:33:10
A 'statement of intent' or another 'smokescreen' lol.

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18 Aug 2017 16:34:50
100 odd million would be a lot to spend on an unnecessary message don't you think? People need to get out of the tabloid way of thinking. The acceptance or rejection of an offer is nothing to do with any other clubs or players. We don't have time for an adequate replacement to come in so unless a ridiculous offer comes in, it won't happen. It's the same with RBL - don't need to sell, won't sell, and so the list goes on.

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18 Aug 2017 16:51:11
If there was a ready made replacement available, I would agree that it was stupid. Right now there is no one who fills the void he would leave. Plus I'm glad we're not allowing Barcelona to bullying us into selling.

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18 Aug 2017 17:04:07
Yeah, real stupid move keeping a player that doesn't want to stay Halifax.

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18 Aug 2017 14:26:08
Eds are you aware if Barcelona has firmed up the 3rd bid for Pipco yet please? And of it reaches the figure that the club has suggested do you see it being accepted?

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{Ed002's Note - There has been no further offe at this time.}

18 Aug 2017 15:18:10
I've posted a few posts on here saying that a player who doesn't want to be here doesn't deserve the fans adulation. There is truth In that BUT. if I'm honest, I really thought he was going and it would have hurt. I was trying to reset my mind set on the situation so that when the inevitable happened it wouldn't come as such a dissapointment. But there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel now. There is serious hope for us reds fans that he will stay. Let's hope to god that he does because I'd be lying if I didn't say he is MASSIVE for us.

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18 Aug 2017 15:45:06
I still think he'll be made to stay UNLESS Barcelona pay £130m or more.
He's definitely not injured in my opinion.
A back injury is the easiest "injury" excuse to not play or train properly and sit tight.
If he's doing it on the advice of his agent, he should be docked wages while he is doing this.
I totally understand he wants to leave and it's his dream etc. but he needs to be professional until it's done, same with Van Dijk by the way. When you're moving jobs, you don't call in sick for your full notice usually so footballers should be no different.
Perhaps buy-out clauses should become part of contracts in England like they are in Spain, can it hurt to try?

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18 Aug 2017 15:46:17
If I remember wasnt wijnaldum a number 10 at feyenord before he went too newcastle and he prob had best season in his career I remember even man utd were linked with him, also I can't understand why we ain't going for a destroyer like william carvalho he would help in quality an aerial ability in set peices.

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18 Aug 2017 15:48:08
Paul joyce and the Echo reporting it that's all mate saying we have rejected a third bid.

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18 Aug 2017 15:54:06
3rd bid jus gone in for the snake pipco interesting all this, but would rather we were doing sum bidding.

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18 Aug 2017 15:57:04
£113mil rejected. Wow! Fair play LFC.

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18 Aug 2017 15:59:12
We rejected a 118 mill offer just.

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18 Aug 2017 16:05:30
Can't understand the decision to keep him! You've got to have players with the drive to play for you, not hope that he cares enough about the World Cup to put in a bit of a shift.

Gonna be some bad blood within the team at this rate sadly. going to be a longgg end of transfer window I think!

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18 Aug 2017 16:09:55
Bet phils devastated but I honestly cudnt care less his attitude stinks if it would of been start of window great but it isn't an too hard too replace.

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18 Aug 2017 17:02:01
How can you say his attitude sticks? Have you got a close connection with the lad? No. Wind your neck in and wait to see if he actually leaves this window.

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18 Aug 2017 12:06:11
Heard mahrez is being lined up to replace couts 🤔🤔surely not as he plays on the right wing doesn't he eds. have anyone heard anything on this and can mahrez play more central if needed 👍.

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{Ed001's Note - the only club I know of in for him is still Roma, who won't match the asking price. Arsenal are the likeliest team from the Prem to try and sign him, as Wenger does like him.}

18 Aug 2017 12:18:30
Thanks for the reply bud. he is a cracking player just couldn't see where he'd fit in in our line up👍👍.

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18 Aug 2017 13:07:02
Is there any truth in luan from gremio.

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18 Aug 2017 13:15:48
We have firmino

Go and get a striker.

Hendo can
Salah firmino mane
Xxx xxx.

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18 Aug 2017 14:12:51
We obviously have bigger probs at back we need too pull out all the stops too get vvd or someone who is dominant in the air and a leader_organiser.

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18 Aug 2017 14:14:42
I liked the idea of luan cos he is a number 10 and striker apparently.

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18 Aug 2017 15:04:57
We need a no.9 not another Bobby.

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18 Aug 2017 15:13:05
True and also the south american prob of becomin world class then wanting madrid or barca.

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18 Aug 2017 02:07:56
Hi eds, I know you got a lot of questions about who's coming in. Do you have any information in regards to players leaving? Thanks!

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{Ed001's Note - Goalies: Bogdan will go as soon as he is fit. Probably be January now. Ward is unhappy at being a back up and would like to either be in the team or out on loan.

Defence: Little to no interest in Sakho, his demands and injury on top of our ridiculous asking price has left him high and dry right now. Probably be stuck with him until January, unless someone panic buys him. Flanagan is available for sale.

Midfield: Interest in Can from Juve has now gone for now. It is likely he will see out the season and evaluate his offers when his contract expires in the summer. Strange the way we have messed him about like this when he is clearly seen as a back up when all are fit and we tried to sign another midfielder to push him even further down the pecking order. Milner is the oddity, he wants to be a starter, wasn't happy at playing left back but understand the need, now he is just a utility player, which is what he hated doing at Citeh. While the club are not pushing him out of the door, I am sure he will want us to accept any offers which arrive for him.

Attack: Markovic is available but we have priced him out of a move.}

18 Aug 2017 07:46:49
Ed you haven't included Morono (I have spelt that right) . Please tell we are not intending to keep him now, on the strength of one good performance preseason. I was hoping his starts were to put him in the shop window.

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{Ed001's Note - there is no one interested in meeting the asking price and he has an excellent attitude and works hard at his game.}

18 Aug 2017 08:07:25
Hi all,
United fan here, thanks for the Eds as always.
What about Draxler as a replacement for the potential Coutinhio departure? Is that possible?


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{Ed001's Note - I hope not, we have shown no interest prior to this.}

18 Aug 2017 08:40:04
To be honest Ed1, I don't think we have messed Can about. He has finished the last two seasons strong, but not started them great. He is quite young so not going to shout about inconsistency etc, in fact I quite like him as a player. He gets plenty of minutes in a season to stake his clame on the first team CM spot and if he plays better than the competition then he keeps his place, same as any player in the team.
Has he done enough to be a regular starter? For me yes, I think he has, but i don't think he has done enough to be the first name on the team sheet. If he wants to be a big player for a big club then he will be competing with top players week in week out for his place, regardless of who is bought and sold.
I am sure that we have offered him a very lucrative new contract, so not sure how we are messing him about?
Maybe I am missing something?

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{Ed001's Note - messing him about changing his position, not giving him a chance to settle into one.}

18 Aug 2017 09:17:54
Ed Do you rate Morono then? I can't see why we brought Robinson. Was he not a Klopp signing? Gomez even would be better at left back.

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{Ed001's Note - Moreno was excellent in La Liga but the team was set up for the way he plays, whereas we are not set up to cover for him. We just end up with massive gaps at the back. As for Robinson, no idea who that even is, it would help if you wanted to slag off our players if you learnt their actual names. Gomez was terrible at left back, after a couple of good games, bad enough to get dropped for Moreno prior to his injury.}

18 Aug 2017 09:55:54
Sorry I meant Roberson. What I meant was why buy him and not play him? I didn't want to slag the players, in fact I'm quite a positive fan, just don't rate our current left back.

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18 Aug 2017 11:35:43
It's been explained over an over, I'm not surprised the ed's get wound up, Jesus read the posts.

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18 Aug 2017 11:43:16
Who is roberson? 😜.

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18 Aug 2017 15:01:03
If can runs his contract down is there any chance he will stay? Won't he be seeing pound signs?

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18 Aug 2017 01:43:17
RBL signing kieta replacement from Bayern Lever.?

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18 Aug 2017 06:08:59
Apparently Kieta was training away from the squad the other day. Don't know if it's true but a few people have said it.

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18 Aug 2017 06:52:22
Could just be an injury, lots of Liverpool players train separately when they have small niggles.

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18 Aug 2017 08:15:59
Yeah, you're probably right.

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18 Aug 2017 10:27:29
Robertson Rob -ert-son
It's not difficult .

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18 Aug 2017 15:04:17
Macca has no reason (as far as I'm aware) to come on here and tell porkies. I think our lack of activity, in regards to MF reinforcments, speaks volumes of chance of signing kieta. I believe he is coming. Also think he will be explosive in premiership.

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18 Aug 2017 16:10:47
Redjames, post on the right thread, it's not difficult!

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17 Aug 2017 20:50:44
Seeing reports that Mane and Can are out of this weekends fixture due to knocks. Eds please tell me this is not true.

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{Ed001's Note - I haven't heard one way or the other sorry.}

17 Aug 2017 21:04:20
As long as they're fit for Wednesday. If we can't beat Crystal Palace without them (Huddersfield thrashed them) then we really have problems!

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17 Aug 2017 21:24:28
Huddersfield's result has no baring on how we'll do. Why do fans always go "oh so and so thrashed them so we will"?

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17 Aug 2017 21:27:29
We have a big enough squad to cope. Grujic or Milner in for Can and then Origi, Sturridge or Solanke in for Mané. Still gives us a strong team. If we can't cope without them for a game it doesn't bode well for a season where we could (hopefully) be fighting in four different competitions!

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17 Aug 2017 21:38:25
People tend to forget that Palace has won on the last three visits to Anfield.

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17 Aug 2017 22:04:55
They'll be missing Zaha which is huge for them. I'd back us against anyone in our first home game of the season.

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17 Aug 2017 22:48:14
The way De Boer sets his team up helps us. I think we'll win comfortably. Hope Stuzza starts and gets an early goal, hoping for him to really show up this season.

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17 Aug 2017 23:25:04
If true, Kent in for Mane. Deserves his chance after pre season.

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18 Aug 2017 03:11:08
I'd expect origi and Milner to come in. Already looking thin. I really hope we bring in some more quality. Not 100% convinced we will. If that was the plan it would've happened already wouldn't it? Are we still going to be sat here with mere hours to end of window expecting 3 quality signings?

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18 Aug 2017 07:57:46
CP is our bogey team at home and De Boer will not definitely park the bus a bit cos he will not want to get thrashed like he did last week. It will not be an easy game and also, Benteke feels right at home at Anfield when on the opposing side.

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18 Aug 2017 08:52:55
I don't get that squad is looking thin. Who could we possibly sign to replace Mane when he's injured? Someone of the same quality that's happy to sit on the bench to wait for an injury just isn't going to happen. We have a big enough forward line to juggle things around and still beat most teams.

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18 Aug 2017 13:34:42
Confirmation off somebody would be good as I have mane in my fantasy lol.

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18 Aug 2017 15:57:04
The squad is not thin, it's just not filled with enough quality. Still a lot of youngsters on the bench. We should have that quality that allows some of our first team (naming no names) to start on the bench.

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17 Aug 2017 13:11:53
Hi Eds,

Re: the inevitable Draxler rumour (he's instructed his agent to find him a new club)

Feels like a lot of European clubs are trying to cash-in on their cast-offs to the EPL. I notice Matuidi goes to Juve for (just) £18m.

Can't help thinking this would have been £50m+ here.

Appreciate your thoughts.


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{Ed002's Note - I have explained already.}

17 Aug 2017 13:30:18
I really don't want to see draxler at liverpool. He has a really bad attitude and is very hard to deal with as a player.

When he was a Wolfsburg he tried everything to get out of there and did poorly in training and the games. The only way he functions is when he is on the wing (he played cam at wob) and he is just not fast enough to play on our wings.

I have also read (several german media reports) that he asked his agent to find a new club and he has a good relationship with Can so Liverpool as a club could be interesteing for him but as i have said before he has a really bad attitude when he is not happy.

Agree3 18Disagree

17 Aug 2017 13:34:04
Would be a great signing for liverpool having draxler on board a forward line of salah mane draxler
Would be extremely potent .

Agree20 5Disagree

17 Aug 2017 15:48:24
I agree deano. We need the numbers and he would certainly add some much needed quality to our brilliant but thin squad.

Agree8 2Disagree

17 Aug 2017 18:44:43
Deano, Draxler has a poor attitude and work ethic. Also, the question you should ask yourself is why is he leaving PSG having arrived only on Jan.

Agree1 7Disagree

17 Aug 2017 18:53:29
Because of neymar.

Agree12 0Disagree

17 Aug 2017 19:03:22
Didn't know about the attitude issues mentioned, but a good player in my opinion, I said this a week or so ago strangely enough. I am not ITK in any way.
He may feel he is surplus to requirements with Neymar and potentially Mbappe.
I would take a punt on him IF Coutinho left personally as opposed to a Barcelona cast off, I am sure Barcelona will push heavily for Coutinho following the Spanish Super Cup thrashing by Real.

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17 Aug 2017 19:06:22
Could it not be because they have just spent £200mil on Neymar and are now sniffing Mbappe's backside? If I was Draxler I'd be looking for the nearest fire exit too. Plus PSG could've told him he's surplus so they can recoup some funds.

Agree9 0Disagree

17 Aug 2017 20:12:22
Anyone saying Draxler has bad attitude coz of playing badly in training a wolfsuburg to leave, think about it, do u honestly think Coutinho whilst he wants to leave will try his best.

Agree3 0Disagree

17 Aug 2017 20:12:52
Draxler? He is so over rated. Cannot believe people would take dross like this, and moan about potentially signing Max Meyer.

Meyer is a decent little player who makes things tick. Draxler is an apparent goal scoring wide forward, but is just a German Balotelli. Bags of ability but no idea how to apply it consistently. His goal tallies are 13, 6, 2, 9, 10. He has had to move to France to get back to anything like the goal tally he had in 2012. In fact in the first half of last season he failed to score once for Wolfsburg due to his poor attitude. All 10 goals came after he signed for Paris.

He is an enigma. After we got burned by Balotelli, I'd hope we would stay away from players like this.

Agree4 12Disagree

18 Aug 2017 07:59:16
Thank you, MK. Well-put.

Agree1 1Disagree

18 Aug 2017 08:37:11
MK he is nothing at all like a German Balotelli, that is a ridiculous comparison. Balotelli is moron who has wasted his career because he is not prepared to work hard and would rather fill his time being an idiot both on the pitch and off of it. You mention his goal scoring, yet he is clearly better in this department than a certain Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, who you seem desperate for us to sign? Given that his goal tallies are over the last 5 years are 2,3,3,2,6 and that isn't even withstanding the fact that Draxler is a better all round footballer than Oxlade, since he has composure on the ball and good technique, two things that Oxlade seriously lacks. I am not saying that we should or shouldn't sign Draxler, but £32m for him or £35m for Oxlade, it isn't even an argument.

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17 Aug 2017 11:59:15
It was widely reported that we bid for Asensio in April- was he a possible Coutinho replacement. If so, it would indicate that the club were preparing for the future without Pipco.

Believable2 2Unbelievable

{Ed002's Note - Real Madrid's Marco Asensio has been the subject of interest from Arsenal who were looking at one time to replace Sanchez with him, Liverpool who saw him as an option to Brandt, Monaco as part of any deal for Mbappe and Juventus amongst others. Interersted sides have been told he is not for sale and Real Madrid are unwilling to have discussions with clubs about the player although they could yet be tested by Barcelona looking to pay his release clause - in which case it would be down to the player to decide if he would be open to a move to Barcelona.}

17 Aug 2017 12:27:44
Not a chance he'll leave in my opinion. He's come a long way in a short space of time and is on the brink of being a regular in Real Madrid's starting XI.

Agree9 0Disagree

17 Aug 2017 12:34:28
Not a realistic chance of getting him he is the next big thing already worth a place in there starting line up.

Agree4 0Disagree

17 Aug 2017 13:12:34
He looks like he could be the next big thing in football, hope he gets enough game time at Madrid.

Agree6 0Disagree

17 Aug 2017 18:45:34
He is the heir to Bale/ CR7 at Real. Good luck getting him.

Agree3 0Disagree

17 Aug 2017 21:30:14
Maybe this has been explained but why would Real want to sell to their direct competition? Is Barcelona the only club willing or able to pay the release clause?

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{Ed002's Note - The release clause is of no relevance to any other side.}

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